Chelsea legend Hazard admits to being fat every preseason

Eden Hazard looking overweight at Real Madrid || Image credit: Imago

Chelsea legend Hazard admits to being fat every preseason

Faruq Ibrahim 21:34 - 19.02.2024

Eden Hazard, now retired, has admitted that he always resumed a new season overweight.

Eden Hazard, the football maestro known for his dazzling runs and mesmerizing footwork, recently shared a candid insight into his off-season lifestyle, sparking discussions and admiration alike. 

The Belgian wizard, whose tenure at clubs like Chelsea and Real Madrid solidified his status among footballing elite, opened up about his laid-back approach to pre-season preparations, revealing a relatable human side behind the athlete.

Embracing the Off-Season

Hazard's confession on the Obi One Podcast, hosted by former Chelsea teammate John Obi Mikel, about returning to training camps a few kilos heavier has become a talking point. 

The star admitted, "It was true. But me, every summer I was putting on four or five kilos because I was thinking you give so much for 10 months, you put your body at the highest level and people kick you, so your time off is your time off.”

“Don’t ask me to do anything. I enjoy being with my family, going to the beach, so don’t ask me to run in those three or four weeks. I can play football on the beach with my kids, no problem, but don’t ask me to run."

Eden Hazard struggled at Real Madrid || Credit: Imago
Eden Hazard struggled at Real Madrid || Credit: Imago

A Champion's Mindset

Despite the leisurely off-seasons, Hazard's commitment to his craft remained unshaken, with a notable surge in form as the season progressed.

 "But if you look throughout my career, the first month [of the season] is the bit where I was thinking it’s just the beginning, and then from September and October I was flying, because I needed time to put my body and mind in the best way.” 

“So yes, it’s true, I came back after holidays with five kilos, I knew it. As a Belgian guy, we love beers because my country has the best beers in the world, so I’m not telling you I used to drink every day because it’s not true, but sometimes after a good game, one or two is nice,” Hazard reflected.

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