British tycoon Sir Jim Ratcliffe revives interest in Manchester United


FOOTBALL British tycoon Sir Jim Ratcliffe revives interest in Manchester United

Festus Chuma 18:03 - 26.09.2023

British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe revises bid for Manchester United, intensifying competition with Qatari investor Sheikh Jassim amid Glazers' £10 billion valuation.

British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe is back in the limelight with a revamped bid to buy one of the most iconic football clubs in the world, Manchester United. 

This move has intensified the ongoing tussle between Ratcliffe, founder of the INEOS chemicals firm, and a consortium of Qatari investors helmed by Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani.

The Glazer family, the current owners of Manchester United, had initially expressed their intention to sell the club last November. Their asking price? A whopping £10 billion. 

However, Bloomberg reports suggest that potential buyers are yet to come close to this valuation. Consequently, there were murmurs about Manchester United being pulled off the market due to the lack of a suitable bid.

Despite these speculations, Ratcliffe's passion and determination to own the club remain undeterred. Sources indicate that the chemical magnate is "restructuring" his offer to make it more palatable to minority investors and, by extension, the Glazers. This comes after Ratcliffe's previous offer to buy a 69% stake in the club, currently owned by the Glazers, was not finalised.

In a candid conversation in July, Ratcliffe had remarked, "There's still a process, we are in the process. But at the end of the day, it’s their decision. We’d still very much like to do it, and we’d do it for the right reasons." This clear demonstration of intent from Ratcliffe shows his serious ambition to get hold of the club he seems to treasure.

On the other side of this bidding war is Sheikh Jassim. The Qatari royal has also been persistent with his offers, but the highest bid reported so far stands at a considerably lesser £6 billion. 

This difference of £4 billion between the asking price and Sheikh Jassim's bid illustrates the gap that still exists in the valuation of the club by the sellers and the buyers.

The big question that looms large is: What is the Glazers' next move? Their £10 billion valuation indicates that they are not in a hurry to sell and might be playing the long game, banking on market dynamics to shift in their favour. 

With the increasing commercialisation of football and the vast revenues that clubs like Manchester United can generate, their gamble might just pay off.

However, the world of football is unpredictable. Club valuations can be influenced by a range of factors, from on-pitch performance to off-pitch commercial deals and branding ventures. It remains to be seen whether the Glazers will get their desired £10 billion or if they will have to compromise on their asking price.

For Manchester United fans worldwide, this saga is more than just a business transaction. The outcome could shape the future direction of the club, from investments in players to infrastructural developments and fan experiences.