Bayern boss Thomas Tuchel backs Muller following post-match rant

Thomas Tuchel did not find the Stanisic goal funny in the defeat to Bayer.

Bayern boss Thomas Tuchel backs Muller following post-match rant

Faruq Ibrahim 17:38 - 14.02.2024

Thomas Tuchel stood firmly behind Muller's critique as Bayern Munich regroup for Champions League showdown.

Bayern Munich's recent defeat at the hands of Bayer Leverkusen has set the stage for a heated discourse within the club, particularly from veteran player Thomas Muller, whose candid frustration has sparked a mix of support and concern. 

As the Bundesliga giants face an unfamiliar setback in their dominance of German football, manager Thomas Tuchel steps up to defend Muller's outspoken critique, emphasizing the need for internal dialogue and resilience as they prepared for their Champions League encounter against Lazio.

Tuchel Backs Muller's Candid Outburst

In the wake of a disappointing 3-0 loss to Bayer Leverkusen, which saw Bayern Munich's title aspirations take a hit, Thomas Muller didn't hold back in his assessment of the team's performance. 

Describing his feelings as “p****d off” due to the team's lack of “energy and freedom,” Muller's blunt words have resonated throughout the football world. Tuchel, in a show of solidarity, defended his player's right to express such sentiments, stating, “I think he pretty much hit the nail on the head – and if anybody is allowed to issue a statement like that, it is Thomas.” 

Bayern Munich's Thomas Tuchel | Imago
Bayern Munich's Thomas Tuchel | Imago

Bayern's Focus Shifts to Champions League Amidst Pressure

With the spotlight now turning to the Champions League clash against Lazio, Tuchel is determined not to let the pressure get to him or his squad. 

Emphasising the significance of bouncing back, he remarked, “Pressure as such is a privilege, it’s a sporting pressure. I’ve never felt it differently and it hasn’t changed anything.” 

The upcoming match presents an opportunity for Bayern to redirect their season's narrative, with Tuchel urging his team to embrace the challenge and remember the joy of football, a sentiment echoed by Lazio's head coach, Maurizio Sarri, and star striker, Ciro Immobile.

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