Barcelona boss Xavi accuses Real Madrid of influencing referees every week

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Barcelona boss Xavi accuses Real Madrid of influencing referees every week

Faruq Ibrahim 03:28 - 03.02.2024

Xavi Hernandez accuses Real Madrid of referee influence and claims the white outfit are adulterating the league

In a fiery outburst that's set the Spanish football scene ablaze, Barcelona's head honcho, Xavi Hernandez, has taken a swing at arch-rivals Real Madrid, accusing them of swaying the men in the middle to their favor "every week." 

With the LaLiga title race heating up, these accusations throw an explosive element into the mix, especially with Barça trailing the league leaders by a significant margin.

Xavi Calls Out Real Madrid's Influence

Barcelona's tactician didn't mince his words, laying into Real Madrid for what he perceives as an undue influence over referees, a move he claims is skewing the fairness of Spain's top-flight competition. 

"I don't like that they are influencing referees and they are doing it every week. I think it adulterates the competition a bit," Xavi vented in a press conference, adding fuel to the already fiery rivalry between the two footballing giants.

Laporta Echoes Xavi's Sentiments

Barcelona's president, Joan Laporta, doubled down on Xavi's accusations, labeling Real Madrid's television content as "shameful" and slamming their conduct. 

Xavi Hernandez and Joan Laporta
Xavi Hernandez and Joan Laporta

The controversy over refereeing in Real Madrid's comeback win against Almeria has particularly irked Laporta, who fumed over what he saw as "three controversial VAR decisions" tipping the scales in Madrid's favor. 

"We saw a disgrace in the game against Almeria," Laporta didn't hold back in his critique, signaling a brewing storm in Spanish football's upper echelons.

Xavi, set to part ways with Barcelona at the season's end, expressed his astonishment at the leeway given to Real Madrid's media attacks on officials, saying, "It surprises me a lot that we allow this, that it's permitted." 

He further emphasized how these actions taint the integrity of the competition, a sentiment echoed by Atletico Madrid's coach, Diego Simeone, in a previous statement about VAR controversies.

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