Super League gains momentum: Barcelona chief Laporta reveals list of supporting clubs

Barcelona President, Joan Laporta | COURTESY Imago

Super League gains momentum: Barcelona chief Laporta reveals list of supporting clubs

Faruq Ibrahim 22:23 - 02.02.2024

Barcelona president Joan Laporta reveals the list of clubs who have agreed to join the European Super League.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta recently confirmed that a significant number of Europe's elite clubs have agreed to participate in the proposed European Super League. 

This announcement marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing saga surrounding the controversial competition, which has faced fierce opposition from fans, football governing bodies, and even some clubs since its initial proposal.

The Clubs on Board

Laporta specifically named "Inter, Milan, Napoli, Roma, Olympique Marseille, Benfica, Porto, Sporting, Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, Anderlecht, Club Brugge and all Spanish clubs except Atlético Madrid" as the teams that have already given their nod to joining the Super League. 

This lineup showcases a wide array of footballing powerhouses from across the continent, indicating a substantial shift in the landscape of European football should the Super League come to fruition.

Implications and Reactions

The inclusion of such a diverse and prestigious group of clubs in the Super League plans could significantly alter the dynamics of European competitions, potentially undermining the UEFA Champions League and domestic leagues. 

Laporta's announcement has sparked a mixture of excitement, concern, and speculation among fans, pundits, and football authorities alike. 

The absence of Atlético Madrid among the Spanish clubs is particularly notable, highlighting the divisions the Super League proposal continues to create within the football community.

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