Atletico Madrid president speaks on possibility of Messi and Ronaldo return to Laliga

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Atletico Madrid president speaks on possibility of Messi and Ronaldo return to Laliga

Stephen Oladehinde 19:24 - 24.04.2023

Enrique Cerezo, Atletico Madrid Chief has claimed that it would be fantastic to have Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo return to LaLiga.

According to reports, Messi might return to Barcelona this summer after leaving the club two years ago as financial difficulties led to the departure of the Argentine.

Ronaldo's return, however, looks very much unlikely with the Portuguese leaving Manchester United in the latter part of last year after openly criticising the club in an interview with presenter Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo and Messi rivalry made LaLiga the best league in the world says Cerezo 

Cerezo welcomed the idea of both Messi and Ronaldo returning to LaLiga during an interview and said both players made LaLiga the best league in the world.

Speaking at Barcelona's Real Tennis Club, Cerezo told reporters, “I think it would be fantastic if Messi returned to La Liga, as would Cristiano Ronaldo,' he said. 'Both are still playing and it would be fantastic if they came back.”

Cristiano Ronaldo had a track record against Atletico Madrid having scored against them on many occasions across the league, cup and Champions League.

Even after he left Madrid for Juventus, Ronaldo still came back to haunt Atletico in the Champions League having scored a hat-trick for Juventus to knock them out of the Tournament in 2019.

LaLiga president says rules won’t change

Javier Tebas, the head of LaLiga, has made it clear recently that the rules won't be amended to allow Barcelona to sign Messi, despite Cerezo's wish for Messi and Ronaldo’s return.

After years of excessive spending that resulted in Messi's exit in 2021, Barcelona's financial situation continues to be a problem, and Tebas is adamant that they must adhere to the league's financial fair play rules. 

Speaking about Barcelona’s chance of signing Messi, Tebas said, “As of today, no, but there is a lot of time left. We are waiting for their [financial fair play] viability plan [for next season].

“I hope they can make the necessary moves to make space for Messi to come in, but of course, we are not going to change any rules for Messi to sign. Barca can make moves; they sell players.

“That's what we hope happens because I am a fan of Messi and I would like Messi to play in our league. But we won't change any rules. It is complicated, but I think they have the capacity to do it.”