Ancelotti plans for Kylian Mbappe revealed

Ancelotti plans for Kylian Mbappe revealed

Faruq Ibrahim 14:50 - 23.02.2024

Carlo Ancelotti’s role for Mbappe was revealed as the Spanish giants plan to accommodate the French star on the star-studded side.

Kylian Mbappe's anticipated move to Real Madrid is creating waves, not just for the glamour of the transfer but for the tactical evolution it signals at the Santiago Bernabeu. 

Florentino Perez, the mastermind behind Real Madrid's star-studded projects, envisions Mbappe not as a replacement but as a key figure alongside the likes of Jude Bellingham, Vinicius Junior, and Rodrygo. 

The spotlight now turns to Carlo Ancelotti, tasked with integrating Mbappe into a lineup brimming with talent. According to reports from Football Espana, Ancelotti is considering three strategic formations to best harness the French superstar's abilities.

Ancelotti's Tactical Conundrum

The first strategy under consideration is a dynamic 4-3-3 formation, positioning Mbappe at its apex, flanked by the Brazilian duo on the wings, and Bellingham anchoring the midfield trio. 

This setup aims to leverage Mbappe's lethal finishing and the creative prowess of the wings, with Bellingham adding depth and versatility in the midfield.

Mbappe in action for PSG || Imago
Mbappe in action for PSG || Imago

Alternatively, Ancelotti might revisit a previously employed system that spotlighted Bellingham in a more advanced role, akin to a number 10. In this arrangement, Mbappe would step into Rodrygo's shoes, partnering up front with Vinicius to form a formidable strike duo, potentially redefining Real's attacking dynamics.

Mbappe's Grand Madrid Arrival

The saga of Mbappe's move to Madrid seems to be reaching its climax, ending years of speculation. The deal not only includes a staggering signing-on bonus rumoured to be in the range of €120-€150 million but also marks a significant chapter in Mbappe's career, as he leaves PSG upon the expiry of his contract. While Real Madrid eyes domestic glory, Mbappe is set on a Champions League triumph with PSG, aiming to leave Paris on a high note.

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