Akosua Puni: 7 things to know about Michael Essien’s wife amidst financial turmoil


Akosua Puni: 7 things to know about Michael Essien’s wife amidst financial turmoil

Festus Chuma 12:08 - 20.06.2024

Amid financial troubles for Michael Essien, his wife Akosua Puni's resilience and multifaceted career continue to draw public attention.

Former Chelsea and Real Madrid midfielder Michael Essien is currently facing a financial crisis that could result in the loss of his two houses in Ghana.

The court has ordered the sale of these properties as creditors move to recover outstanding debts.

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One of these properties is estimated to be worth between $20 million and $30 million.

Essien had left these mansions under the care of his wife Akosua Puni who reportedly had no interest in managing them leading to the involvement of another caretaker responsible for the mortgage payments.

Here are seven critical things to know about her.

1. A resilient and optimistic spirit

Akosua Puni is renowned for her noble character, undeterred spirit, and resilience.

Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding her, she remains optimistic and committed to her passions.

Her journey has been marked by struggles and hardships, yet she looks back with appreciation, acknowledging that the path she has taken was worthwhile.

2. A successful businesswoman and consultant

Puni is not just known as Essien's wife but as a successful businesswoman and consultant.

Born in Ghana, she began her education there before relocating to London, where she acquired UK citizenship.

She attended the University of Leeds graduating with honors and valuable business acumen  which she has effectively applied in the corporate world.

She runs a firm that provides business consultation guiding professionals through their career or investment journeys with expert advice and opinion.

3. Philanthropy and management skills

In addition to her business ventures, Akosua Puni is a philanthropist and a pivotal figure in the management of the Michael Essien Foundation.

Her management skills extend beyond her husband’s foundation; she has also managed the professional career of footballer Stephen Appiah, helping him return to the sport after a significant injury.

Her dedication to philanthropy and effective management has made her a respected figure in both the business and football communities.

4. Owner of FC Como

One of Puni's most notable achievements is her ownership of the Italian football club, FC Como.

She acquired the club following a bankruptcy auction, investing 237,000 sterling pounds to secure ownership rights. Under her leadership, the club underwent significant rebranding, including a new logo and modernized facilities.

Her involvement in FC Como demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to fostering success in the sports industry.

5. Controversies and public scrutiny

Despite her successes, Akosua Puni has faced her share of controversies. Her life has been surrounded by rumors and harsh public scrutiny.

She has been linked to various high-profile figures, including musician Kwadee and footballer Stephen Appiah, with allegations of personal relationships often making headlines.

However, she has remained resilient, using these challenges to strengthen her resolve and continue her pursuits undeterred.

6. Support for Michael Essien

Puni has been a steadfast supporter of her husband, Michael Essien, throughout their relationship.

She has managed his professional career and provided unwavering support during difficult times.

Their marriage, though surrounded by controversy has been a testament to their commitment to each other.

They legalized their union in a private ceremony to avoid public scrutiny, showcasing their desire to maintain privacy amidst the public eye.

7. A role model for women

Akosua Puni serves as a role model for many women, particularly in Ghana and beyond.

Her ability to balance a successful career, philanthropic efforts, and family life is inspirational.

She takes pride in raising a functional family and has built an empire through perseverance and hard work.

Her story is one of triumph over adversity making her a figure of admiration and respect.