AC Milan coach explains why Samuel Chukwueze is now shining

Samuel Chukwueze was brilliant in AC Milan vs Lecce || Image credit: Imago

AC Milan coach explains why Samuel Chukwueze is now shining

Faruq Ibrahim 18:12 - 06.04.2024

Samuel Chukwueze's impactful display for AC Milan against Lecce, including an assist earned praise from coach Stefano Pioli.

Samuel Chukwueze showcased a stellar performance with AC Milan, contributing to their 3-0 victory over Lecce in Serie A. Despite not scoring, Chukwueze's dynamic play troubled the opposition, resulting in five chances created and an assist for Christian Pulisic.

Milan's head coach, Stefano Pioli, commended Chukwueze's transformation, attributing it to enhanced confidence and understanding of the team's needs.

Pioli's Praise for Chukwueze

Following the impressive performance by Chukwueze, AC Milan's coach, Stefano Pioli, showered him with praise. Pioli highlighted the shift in Chukwueze's mindset, emphasising the newfound confidence and understanding of his role within the team.

The coach commended Chukwueze's dedication and resilience, acknowledging the challenges players face amidst external pressures.

"His mindset has changed. Now he has confidence, is positive, believes in what he does. He understands better what the team needs on the field,” Pioli said, per Milanreports.

“He's a quality player. I'm very happy for him because he went through a tough time: from the outside, everything seems rosy, but players face significant pressures. He believed in himself, worked hard, and that pleases me, the club, and the team."

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