AC Milan ‘owing’ Villarreal up to ₦2.3 billion for Chukwueze transfer

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AC Milan ‘owing’ Villarreal up to ₦2.3 billion for Chukwueze transfer

Ayoola Kelechi 23:22 - 31.03.2024

Serie A giants AC Milan are not done paying for their Nigerian gem Samuel Chukwueze, with Villarreal still expecting a healthy sum

AC Milan's acquisition of Samuel Chukwueze has not only added talent to their squad but also financial obligations to Villarreal, with bonuses potentially totalling up to ₦2.3 billion owed to the Spanish club.

Joining a new club as the most expensive signing of the transfer window inevitably brings added pressure to perform. Chukwueze's arrival at AC Milan was no exception, as he faced expectations to justify his significant transfer fee. The Nigerian winger's debut season with the Rossoneri has seen its challenges, after his high-profile move in 2023.

Financial terms of Chukwueze transfer

Matteo Moretto provided insight into the financial intricacies of Chukwueze's transfer deal. While the initial fee amounted to €19.5 million, additional bonuses totalling €8.5 million were included in the agreement. These bonuses consist of appearance-related payments amounting to potentially €3 million, as well as team performance bonuses tied to Milan's Serie A and European campaigns.

As the season progresses, Milan finds themselves in a position where they will owe Villarreal approximately €1.5 million in bonuses by the end of the current campaign. These payments reflect the achievements and milestones reached by both Chukwueze individually and the team collectively throughout the season.

Chukwueze’s Milan prospects

Despite the financial obligations associated with Chukwueze's transfer, Milan remains optimistic about the winger's potential impact. The club hopes that Chukwueze will overcome the challenges of his debut season and emerge as a consistent threat on the field, fulfilling the promise that led to his signing.

While AC Milan navigates the financial implications of Chukwueze's transfer, the focus remains on the player's development and contribution to the team's success. As the season progresses, Milan will continue to monitor both Chukwueze's performance on the pitch and the financial commitments tied to his transfer, aiming for a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved.