5 records Lionel Messi set that may never be broken

5 records Lionel Messi set that may never be broken

Ifeanyi Ufomadu 17:45 - 24.06.2023

There will never be enough superlatives to describe Lionel Messi's career and even as we reach the end of his glittering run, the Argentine maestro continues to break records.

As Lionel Messi turns 36 and prepares for his next adventure far away in the United States, we take a look at 5 absurd records by the Argentine that will likely never be broken.

The legendary Lionel Messi

Most goals in a calendar year - 91

In 2012, Messi broke the longstanding record of 85 goals, scoring 91 for Barcelona. Messi, under Pep Guardiola, reached unfathomable heights in the False 9 role and the goals flowed like water.

Lionel Messi scored 91 goals in 2012

Most LaLiga hat-tricks - 36

Scoring one hat-trick is a dream for a striker, let alone 5. Now imagine 36 of those in one lifetime and this is just in the league. Messi scored 36 hat-tricks for Barcelona in Laliga and if he hadn't moved on, surely would have clocked 40.

Most LaLiga goals - 474

This is yet another record that would surely be impossible to break, or at least close to impossible.

Messi scored 474 goals in Spain before moving to PSG and with Karim Benzema gone and LaLiga not boasting any young consistent marksmen, it is impossible to see this record ever being broken.

Most Ballon d'Or wins - 7

Lionel Messi finally won the World Cup and was the tournament's best player, which means in a few months, this number could very well be 8. 

Manchester City's Erling Haaland would have something to say about that but the consistency levels required to achieve this feat are almost superhuman. 

To dominate a sport to this extent while being in constant competition with the game's other great star in Cristiano Ronaldo speaks volumes. Hard to see this one ever being broken.

5. Most goals for a single club - 672

This is one record that will probably never be broken, at least not in this lifetime.  Just for context, Erling Haaland would need 13 seasons scoring 50 goals for Manchester City to even come close.

You can't disagree really, either. 672 goals is simply a remarkable feat, Messi is simply remarkable.

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