Who is BET-IBC agent/broker?

Who is BET-IBC agent/broker?

Ifeanyi Ufomadu 12:17 - 02.11.2023

To make sense and learn a few things about the world of online betting you need an agent. And there’s none better than BET-IBC.

Betting. It begun simple. Two people trying to make some money from each other for the fun of it and as an incentive. And now it’s a multi-billion Euro industry, booming over the internet. With a countless number of punters and an equally unknown number of bookmakers. 

How can anyone make sense of who is good and who is bad? How can someone know if they can find the sport and the event they want? And how can anyone know if depositing and withdrawing via Cryptos is acceptable? Questions that would take a long time to answer. Thankfully, this is why the best betting agent exists.

BET-IBC: the number 1 of the industry

They have built a rather strong brand name since 2007 that they exist. In fact, being out for so many years is by itself a first warranty that they must be doing something well enough. 

Primarily, they have established themselves as the best agent for Asian bookmakers, however, taking a look at the services, it’s easy to see that they cooperate with the best of both sides of the Pacific. 

The idea is quite simple. Mediate between the bettors and the betting establishment and assist the former in opening accounts at the latter, when they cannot (or do not want to) do it themselves.

 For whatever reason. Yet, that’s not the end of it. Arguably, it’s the rest of the package that makes them the top of their business.

Answers to the basic questions

Let’s begin with the website itself. Easy to understand, with a friendly interface and navigation, and, most of all, available in 31 languages. That’s hard to come by in any venture of the industry. 

A design with built-in compatibility for smartphones makes it accessible through any browser. Therefore, there is no need for a dedicated app. Furthermore, there’s a 24/7 customer support that takes care of anything that their customers come up with, when trying to maintain betting accounts via agent. 

That’s all very good, but does it address the three main concerns of online punters? Let’s begin with the main one. Trust and reliability. Searching through the feedback on them from various sources, we did find complaints and criticism. 

However, we can honestly say that, in fact, they pertain to incidents that were not under the control of the broker. Delays in settling bets, or closed accounts are a matter of the bookmakers and not the agents that represent them. BET-IBC has made sure that all their business is above board, so, problems are either a subject of serious term violations, or unexpected circumstances.

On the side of the punters

When we see a series of issues that provide ways for the bettors to increase their profitability, it’s a rather obvious deduction. BET-IBC intends to educate their clientele on every detail of the online betting world. The reason is simple. If the customers do better, then the company also follows along.

 So, it’s in their best interests to offer space to a team of professional tipsters advising and providing knowledge and experience. And it is also in their best interests to allow access to a number of betting tools, converters and calculators. Using those makes the job a lot easier for those who want to make a livelihood out of the industry. 

Furthermore, we have a blog section teaching the ins and outs. There’s a series of «how to» posts, glossaries and lessons pertaining to the best use of the various markets. Along with a section that allows people to partner up with BET-IBC and become their agents, increasing the amount of money they can make.

What about the money?

On this one we will begin with the matter of safety and security. All transactions are kept away from everyone who should not have access. In fact, all of it is protected under the latest in encryption and firewalls. Including the personal information.

 Apart from the aforementioned, we have ample choices that include deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, the good old wire transfers, and even a way to fund an account with simple cash. Processing is quite quick, except when someone else intervenes and produces delays.

Is that all of it?

Definitely no. For some of the bookies that they represent, they are in fact the exclusive account providers. Additionally, they operate a most useful platform that affords the chance to place any number of wagers to any number of preselected betting establishments, simultaneously. And all of it through a single account. 

Last, but by no means least, there is a section where they display their social responsibility, promoting environmental, medical, and worthy endeavors for stray animals. 

To come up with a bottom line, what we have here is a broker that has been around for 17 years with an increasing clientele. Not to mention a continuous addition of services that respond to the needs of the customers (like the newest thing that requires financial transactions with cryptos – they were the first to implement it). In our opinion, opening an account via agent to this specific broker is in the best interests of all punters.