June's Hottest Casino Action: Win Big with BetKing!

June's Hottest Casino Action: Win Big with BetKing!

Pulse Sports Team 17:37 - 29.06.2024

Disclaimer: This is not a jollof rice-hating post. Also, in my opinion, Nigerian Jollof reigns supreme in the “Jollof wars”.

Since we can all agree that Nigerian Jollof is the best, can we also agree that no one wants to eat only Jollof forever? Especially when meals like pounded yam and egusi/oha/ofe nsala, fried rice and pancakes etc still exist?

Now, since we’ve established that variety is the spice of life, do you see why your online betting options should consist of more than football/sports alone? We’ve even identified the perfect option and platform for you – BetKing’s Online Casino.

BetKing’s Online CasinoIt’s likely that when you see the word “casino”, the James Bond spy thriller; Casino Royale instantly comes to mind. 

You don’t have to buy a tuxedo or glamorous ball gown or even venture out of your house for this one, however. You can enjoy access to BetKing’s collection of exciting casino games from… anywhere, really. From crash games to slots, there’s something for everyone. 

Here’s a breakdown of our top five online casino games.

Our top fiveHere are our favorites, in no particular order:

Aviator: Aviator is a simple, yet incredibly exciting game. A plane takes flight when you place your bet, and the multiplier increases as it ascends. To win, you need impeccable timing to predict its crash point, and cash out just in time. If you can accurately predict how long the plane will remain in the air before the law of diminishing returns sets in, you will cash out big time.

JetX: This is another simple yet rewarding crash game. Just like aviator, the goal here is to perfectly time your cashout before the aircraft crashes to enjoy maximum value.  When the jet takes off, the multiplier increases incrementally, and can go as high as 100x your stake. 

Balloon: As a child, did you ever blow up balloons for a party? I remember how much my cheeks ached after blowing up several balloons meant for decorating a party venue and how the balloon would blow up in my face if I blew too hard. 

Well, the casino game “Balloon” follows a similar principle. Make your wager and hit the hand symbol to begin inflating your balloon. Time it right and claim the accumulated multiplier. Get the timing wrong and watch the balloon blow up in your face, along with the multiplier.

Football X: Indulge your love for football in this exhilarating crash casino game. Scroll in either direction to pick your preferred player, select the amount you’d like to wager and hit play to start juggling the ball. Be careful not to get carried away with the skillful ball juggling and cash out before the player falls over to claim your win. 

Crash Duel X: Engage in a tug of war for the bag of gold! In this game, a posse of lawmen and a gang of bandits are on opposite ends of two mountains pulling on a bag of gold suspended over a steep drop between them while the multiplier fills the bag until it’s overflowing. The aim of the game? Time it correctly and cash out before the rope snaps and the bag of gold is lost. 

You can also bet on one side to win. If that side successfully pulls the bag of gold over to their side, the opponents will fall into the gaping chasm instead, winning you even more money.

Betting tips and strategies to help you win big with crash casino games The first thing to remember is that, just like with other online betting products, there are no guarantees with online casino games. However, there are still some tips you can implement that will not harm your chances of winning. 

Start small: Your opening stake should be a low amount, which can then gradually increase as you become more comfortable with the game. 

Set a budget: Decide how much you can afford to lose and stick to it. You can also divide your budget and determine how many rounds you’ll play by how much you divide the budget by. For example, if your budget is ₦20,000, you can split that into 10 multiples of ₦2,000 each and have a limit of 10 games.

Don’t chase losses: If you’re on a losing streak, don’t get desperate and try to recoup losses by betting more. That rarely works, take a break instead.

Set limits: This is important for discipline. Set maximum spend limits before you begin playing and when you reach them, the game automatically stops you from playing! This is the best way to ensure that you remain within budget, especially if you tend to get carried away. 

Observe patterns: Study the game’s history to identify potential patterns or trends. While BetKing’s casino games are run by a random number generator installed to prevent this, you should still be able to identify regularly occurring events that could give you an important edge when you bet for real! You can also try out the demo version of each game to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. That way, you have a risk-free way to figure out the game before you start risking your own money. To access the demo version, click “game info” and you’ll find the demo.

EURO 2024 resumes tomorrow and we’re as excited as you are about the return of top-level football. While you wait, check out BetKing’s casino: we hope you enjoy the games there as much as we have!