'Shelly-Ann's image was stolen from her' - Jamaicans fume over Sha'Carri Richardson's latest Ad with Whoop

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Sha'Carri Richardson

'Shelly-Ann's image was stolen from her' - Jamaicans fume over Sha'Carri Richardson's latest Ad with Whoop

Funmilayo Fameso 21:32 - 10.04.2024

Another fan war ensued between Jamaicans and Americans after Sha'Carri Richardson was accused of stealing Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's image in her Whoop partnership Ad.

Jamaicans aren't finding it funny with Sha'Carri Richardson's latest partnership Ad with fitness brand Whoop, as they've claimed Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's image is gradually being stolen from their track legend.

The world's fastest woman inked a partnership deal with the multi-billion dollar wearable fitness company Whoop, which has soccer star Virgil van Dijk as an ambassador and investor.

In the announcement video, Richardson dressed in a green Nike training kit (which is Whoop's official colour) and a pink wig to go with it.

Because of this, Jamaicans feel it's a copy-cat of Fraser-Pryce's look and similar creative content when she announced her ambassadorial deal with Richard Millie.

While this has turned to fan war between Jamaican and Americans, noteworthy is that both speedsrters being sponsored by Nike are entitled to wear the company's apparels for any occasion.

The bold speculation 'copy cat', now viral, has led to several reactions, with an unexpected accusation that Fraser-Pryce's image is being disrespected.

"For Shelly Ann to have her likeness and image stolen from her is beyond disrespectful to me. If this was a white woman, black ppl would be outraged," said X user @amberjsmith.

An American named @DoctorAsha will reply with a very strong opinion:

"Before someone starts Diaspora War III can you twitter detectives pull up the details of these campaigns, and if this was the intention of the company or person. I want to save the vs energy for the Summer Olympics."

In contrast, Americans believe their track star is always bullied by the opposing fans of her rivals.

Here are more reactions and replies:

This outrage has led American legends weighing in on the situation, with Tianna Bartoletta surpised on the whole issue. 

While Michael Johnson called for fans not to not be too extreme with personal attacks on their athlete’s rival. 

“The tribalism of sports fandom is great for sport! Would be great if people didn’t take it to extreme personal attacks on their athlete’s rival. I know I’m asking too much. Just saying…” said Johnson in a post on his X page.