Wanda Nara clarifies relationship status amid cheating allegations

Wanda Nara clarifies relationship status amid cheating allegations

David Ben 15:17 - 29.01.2023

Mauro Icardi's wife has been accused of having allegedly an affair with her husband's former teammate.

Wanda Nara who is the wife of Argentine footballer Mauro Icardi has been known to be very active on various social media platforms amid her rollercoaster relationship with the Galatasaray star.

Recently, Wanda has been linked with a new potential partner, who just so happens to be Icardi's former teammate at Inter, Keita Balde.

The rumors started when it was said that the Argentine model had visited Saudi Arabia allegedly to meet with the Senegal international.

From there, everything accelerated and Icardi reportedly raised the alarm with Balde’s wife, Simona Guatieri.

Mauro Icardi's wife Wanda Nara
Senegal international Keita Balde

However, Siomna preferred to come to her husband's defense, claiming that this was just another ploy by Icardi and Wanda Nara to stay in the press and stoke a scandal.

Wanda recently took to her social media to respond to a crucial question surrounding her relationship.

Wanda Nara is asked about her relationship status

Wanda Nara/via Instagram

Wanda Nara has now opened up on the situation a little on her own social media channels, responding to questions from her followers.

"Are you with a new boyfriend?" she was asked.

It was then that the entrepreneur and model answered that she doesn't have a boyfriend.

"Oops, I get asked this question a lot, no, I don't," she replied.

Recall that Icardi and Wanda split and made up a couple of times in 2022.

However, the Galatasaray striker who is currently in Turkey on loan from PSG is seemingly prepared to make his relationship work.

What Keita Balde’s wife has said amid Wanda Nara cheating allegations

Senegal international Keita Balde has been linked with an alleged romance with Mauro Icardi's wife

At the time, Keita Balde and his wife decided to respond to Icardi, who had gone down a tricky path.

Speaking to Argentine journalist Juan Etchegoyen, they gave their version and criticized both Wanda and Icardi, who they accuse of wanting to generate a scandal.

"They live on this, on this news, we don't want anything to do with this," said Keita's wife via ICARD.

"These people live like that and eat your head off, they are really stupid, like children.

"I don't want our names to appear next to them, we don't even want to have a coffee.

"My husband is a footballer and not a gossip, I don't want these people to put my name anywhere."

These actions didn't impress the former Inter forward either, who was quick to distance himself from his former teammate.

"What happened to us today, maybe tomorrow it will happen to someone else," he said.

"How can you think of saying something like that? We've spent a few birthdays as work colleagues, we're on friendly terms."

Wanda Nara, who married Mauro Icardi in 2014 under the most controversial of circumstances, confirmed the pair had finally called it quits in September.

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