Shakira teases new relationship with Jimmy Butler with Instagram connect

According to a Friday story from US Weekly, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler and singer Shakira are dating but are still taking it slow.

Shakira teases new relationship with Jimmy Butler with Instagram connect

Tosin Abayomi 13:30 - 24.05.2023

Shakira and Jimmy Butler might be dating after following each other on Instagram

The Heat were in Miami for Game 4 of the series finale with a commanding 3-0 lead.

However, the Heat and Jimmy Butler were unable to defeat the Boston Celtics, led by Jayson Tatum.

While one can blame the close-out game jitter Butler had as he was nine of 21 from the field however there might be an entirely different reason one that involves the Colombian sensation Shakira.

Shakira and Jimmy Butler dating?

Shakira has been seen frequently in Miami over the past month and caught the media attention.

She was first spotted with Lewis Hamilton at the Miami GP, sparking rumors of a relationship between her and the seven-time Formula One world champion. 

She was recently involved in Game 3 between the Heat and the Celtics, which led to a whole new theory. 


Jimmy Butler is a very private person who is very careful about what part of his life he spends on social media or on his YouTube channel.

Although he keeps things low, we do know Jimmy's longtime girlfriend, Kaitlin Nowak. 


He has a daughter with Kaitlin, named Rylee, and has no other updates other than her personal life, so most assume Nowak and Butler are fine. 


There is a myth that Butler is dating Shakira as She attended Game 3 lodged in a suite.

She and Butler followed each other on Instagram, and her son wore Butler's jersey for his Halloween costume. 


These are several events that may not be related and are not enough to spark dating rumors because it is possible that his son is a fan of Jimmy Butler.


Maybe they were in Miami for the summer, and maybe the kid convinced Shakira to come to watch the Heat game.

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