Mark Goldbridge: Networth, Profile, Real name, Age, How he became famous, How Rich is he in 2024?

Mark Goldbridge: Networth, Profile, Real name, Age, How he became famous, How Rich is he in 2024?

Mark Goldbridge: Networth, Profile, Real name, Age, How he became famous, How Rich is he in 2024?

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Mark Goldbridge is an English YouTuber and radio presenter who has become a popular figure among football fans, particularly those following Manchester United.

Mark Goldbridge was already in the media space, but it was the creation of his YouTube channel, 'The United Stand', that eventually made him popular globally. On his ‘The United Stand’ channel, he covers Manchester United’s matches and news, displaying humour and raw emotions.

Mark Goldbridge speaking at a show. Credit: X

Mark Goldbridge Profile 

Popular name: Mark Goldbridge

Real name: Brent Di Cesare

Date of birth: April 7, 1979

Age: 45 years as of May 2024

Place of birth: Nottingham, England

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Marital status: Married

Occupation: Presenter and YouTube star

TV shows: That's Football, That's Entertainment

Channels: The United Stand, Mark Goldbridge

Net worth: Around $2 million

Social media: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Mark Goldbridge Real name 

Known online as Mark Goldbridge, the online sports personality actually has a different name: Brent Di Cesare as he's of Italian origin. Di Cesare adopted the alias ‘Mark Goldbridge’ when he began his YouTube career and this was influenced by his former job. He was a police officer investigating financial fraud and to maintain safety and privacy while carrying out his duties, his employers advised using a pseudonym online.

Where is Mark Goldbridge from? 

Mark Goldbridge, or rather Brent Di Cesare, hails from Nottingham, England. Though his online persona took flight there, several sources report that he currently resides in Solihull, UK since 2019.

Mark Goldbridge hails from Nottingham, England. Credit: X

How old is Mark Goldbridge? 

Mark Goldbridge was born in Nottingham, UK on April 7, 1979. As of May 2024, he is 45 years old. Goldbridge started his YouTube journey in 2014, when he created his first ever channel called Soccer Box TV before switching the name to The United Stand after a while. 

Who does Mark Goldbridge support? 

Mark Goldbridge is popular for being a Manchester United supporter, and this is the foundation of his online persona on The United Stand channel, where he passionately dissects their matches. However, there have been questions about his allegiance, with several people, including former player Paul Parker, arguing that because Goldbridge is from Nottingham, he must secretly support Nottingham Forest. Goldbridge denies this, though he admits attending Forest matches as a child because of his father. 

He went on to reveal that his parents separated when he was aged six and he became a Manchester United fan through his grandad on his mum's side. Ultimately, whether his support is lifelong or adopted for his online persona, Manchester United is the club he champions on his channels and the one most people associate with him. 

What does Mark Goldbridge do?

Mark Goldbridge wears multiple hats in the world of football entertainment, which is what he does now. Though Goldbridge used to work in insurance in his early professional life before becoming a policeman. However, he is now focused on football entertainment. 

Goldbridge's claim to fame is his YouTube presence and he has four channels, each catering to a slightly different audience:

The United Stand: This is his largest channel, dedicated to Manchester United. Here, he conducts live streams during matches, offering passionate and often humorous reactions and analysis. It’s often his view from a fan's perspective, but with a dash of punditry. The show was compared to "Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday."

That's Football: This channel is where he talks about football beyond Manchester United. This channel is all about general football content, including watchalongs of non-Manchester United matches and discussions on wider footballing issues.

Mark Goldbridge That's Entertainment: This channel serves as a compilation space, featuring clips from his various streams.

Mark Goldbridge: This is his most personal channel, where he offers viewers a glimpse into his life beyond football.  Expect content like cooking demonstrations, vlogs, and casual chats.

Radio Presenter:  Goldbridge's success on YouTube translated to radio as well. He landed a show on Talksport, a popular UK radio station dedicated to sports. This allows him to engage with a different audience and potentially reach even more football fans.

Goldbridge's die-hard support for Manchester United is the foundation of his online persona.  His passion and frustrations with the team are the primary sources of his content, making it relatable to other fans who share his passion for the club.

In essence, Mark Goldbridge is an entertainer who uses his love for football, particularly Manchester United, to create engaging content for a wide audience across YouTube and radio.  He's become a prominent voice in online football discussions, offering a unique blend of humor, passion, and insightful commentary.

How does Mark Goldbridge make money? 

Mark Goldbridge leverages his online fame on YouTube to generate income through several channels.

YouTube Ads:  His main channel, The United Stand, has accrued over 1.26 billion views, and this will translate to a lot of income for him via YouTube's advertising program. This means ads are displayed before, during, or after his videos, and he earns a share of the revenue whenever viewers watch them.

Sponsorships: With a large and engaged audience, Goldbridge likely attracts sponsorships from sports betting companies, merchandise brands, or other football-related businesses. These sponsorships involve promoting their products or services within his content, for a fee.

Live Shows and Events: Goldbridge has successfully transitioned his online presence to live events. He's held shows where fans can watch matches and engage with him in person. Tickets and merchandise sales from these events contribute to his income.

Radio Show:  His radio gig on Talksport likely brings in a salary or payment per show, further diversifying his income streams.

Having carved a successful niche as a football content creator, Goldbridge has different revenue sources that contribute to his wealth. 

What is Mark Goldbridge networth? 

Mark Goldbridge is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million according to online sources. The famous online content creator has built his wealth over the years from YouTube, sponsors and his job as a radio personality. 

Mark Goldbridge wife

Mark Goldbridge is happily married and he has three children together with his wife. The couple, along with their two daughters and a son, all live in Solihull.