I love you but my family doesn't - Endrick, 17 set to marry older girlfriend but faces objection

Endrick and Gabriely Miranda’s romance continues to remain under scrutiny amid their reported plans to get married | Credits: IMAGO, Instagram

I love you but my family doesn't - Endrick, 17 set to marry older girlfriend but faces objection

David Ben 20:01 - 04.04.2024

Endrick and his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda have reportedly made plans to get married barely four months after they began dating amid concerns from his family.

The blossoming romance between Brazilian football sensation Endrick,17, and his 21-year-old girlfriend, Gabriely Miranda, has captured the attention of fans worldwide.

The young couple, whose relationship began to flourish towards the end of last year, recently stole the spotlight during a game between Brazil and Spain, where they were spotted sharing tender moments.

Brazilian football sensation Endrick | Credit: Instagram

However, their public displays of affection have raised concerns from fans in the footballing world, particularly regarding Endrick's future career prospects.

Endrick’s family Objections and Career Concern

17-year-old Brazilian forward Endrick | Imago

According to a report from Brazilian outlet EXTRA, Endrick and Gabriely have wasted no time in planning their future together, with wedding bells reportedly on the horizon.

The Real Madrid-bound Palmeiras forward and his girlfriend have reportedly set their hearts on getting married as soon as possible having only begun dating in December 2023.

Gabriely Miranda Endrick’s girlfriend
Gabriely Miranda is the girlfriend of Endrick | Credit: Instagram

Despite Gabriely's willingness to accompany her beau to Spain this July, where he is set to join Real Madrid upon turning 18, objections have arisen, particularly from Endrick's family.

Gabriely Miranda Endrick girlfriend
Gabriely Miranda has over 653,000 followers on her Instagram page | Credit: Instagram

While Endrick's parents are said to have nothing against their future daughter-in-law, they have been advised to counsel their son against rushing into marriage at such a tender age.

Endrick’s parents are understood to have concerns over his plans to marry his 21-year-old girlfriend Gabriely Miranda | Credit: Instagram
Endrick and Gabriely Miranda
Endrick and Gabriely Miranda’s relationship began in December 2023 | Credit: Instagram

Via the aforementioned outlet, sources close to the couple have revealed that there are serious concerns surrounding the potential impact of their relationship on Endrick's professional trajectory.

Endrick and his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda
Endrick and his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda | Credit: Instagram
Gabriely Miranda
Gabriely Miranda is a Brazilian model and influencer | Credit: Instagram

It is understood that there are fears that Endrick’s focus may be diverted away from his career aspirations, affecting from his performance on the pitch.

Palmeiras forward Endrick will join Real Madrid in July 2023 | Credit: IMAGO

The report also adds that there have been discussions about having a trusted friend accompany the Palmeiras forward to Spain in a bid to provide support and ensure he remains steadfast in his commitment to football.

Endrick and Gabriely Miranda’s relationship has been the subject of Social media scrutiny

Endrick and his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda
Endrick and his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda | Credit: Instagram

Endrick's rising prominence in the football world has also brought unwanted attention to his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda, with the model facing scrutiny and unfair criticism on social media platforms.

Palmeiras’ 17-year-old boy wonder Endrick already has more than 9.1 million followers on Instagram | Credit: Imago

Amidst disturbing comments from fans on social media insinuating that Gabriely is only interested in Endrick for his wealth and fame, the couple have not looked back and seem to only be growing stronger each passing day.

Endrick and his partner Gabriely Miranda | Credit: Instagram

Ahead of Endrick’s blockbuster transfer to Real Madrid this summer, all eyes will be on his relationship with Gabriely, who is understood to be less keen on leaving Brazil to embrace a new life in the Spanish capital.