GTA 6: LeBron James calls Rockstar’s new trailer ‘INSANE’ amid epic social media reactions

LeBron James calls GTA 6's new trailer ‘INSANE’ ahead of 2025 release

GTA 6: LeBron James calls Rockstar’s new trailer ‘INSANE’ amid epic social media reactions

David Ben 09:29 - 06.12.2023

Grand Theft Auto VI trailer has finally been revealed sparking wild reactions on social media.

Rockstar was forced to reveal the trailer for the highly-anticipated GTA VI after a low-quality copy spread online.

The 90-second teaser confirmed the game will be set in Miami-inspired Vice City and for the first time since the 1990s, star a female protagonist, Lucia.

However, fans of the franchise are still going to have to wait much longer as the game isn't due to be released until 2025.

GTA VI Trailer Release | Credit: Rockstar Games

The latest main game in the series will be the sequel to 2013's smash hit GTA V, which became the second best-selling video game of all time, following Minecraft.

GTA 6 Trailer: LeBron James reacts on social media to Rockstar’s forthcoming game

LeBron James GTA 6
LeBron James has reacted to the GTA6 trailer

The new trailer for the sixth installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise shows people racing cars, partying on boats and a man pulling an alligator out of a swimming pool, all to the Americana sounds of ‘Love is a Long Road’ by Tom Petty.

The trailer, which has already garnered well over 100 million views on YouTube, has since sparked epic reactions from fans and celebrities on social media, including Tesla boss Elon Musk, as well as NBA icon LeBron James.

Musk revealed he will pass on the opportunity to play the new game when it releases.

He wrote on X in response to a post about previous GTA editions: ‘Tried, but didn’t like doing crime. GTA5 required shooting police officers in the opening scene. Just couldn’t do it.’

Meanwhile, LA Lakers star LeBron James posted: ‘GTA6 looks INSANE!!!! SHEESH’

While the trailer provides lots for fans to be excited about, some questions still remain amongst which includes which consoles will the game be released on.

However, Take-Two Interactive, which publishes the game, has announced GTA VI will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X when it releases in 2025.

As of the time of this report, no further information has been provided on GTA 6’s release date, but Pulse Sports will be sure to update you on the latest updates on GTA VI’s release.