Gabriely Miranda: Meet Real Madrid-bound Endrick’s girlfriend who is older than him

Endrick and girlfriend, Gabriely Miranda. Credit: @gabrielymiiranda/Instagram


Endrick’s girlfriend

Gabriely Miranda: Meet Real Madrid-bound Endrick’s girlfriend who is older than him

Kolawole Babatunde 18:36 - 30.04.2024

Endrick is regarded as one of the biggest talents in football right now and he is also winning off the pitch, with his beautiful, but older girlfriend Gabriely Miranda always there to serve as a support system.

The Brazilian will officially join Real Madrid in the summer of 2024 when he turns 18, despite the Spanish giants completing his signing in December 2022. The expectation is that he will be moving to Spain with his girlfriend, as they look to make their “contract-backed”relationship stronger. 

Gabriely’s relationship with Endrick has caused uproar on social media due to the age difference. However, this does not seem to have affected them at all, as they have been seen together being cozy in public on many occasions.

Pulse Sports takes a look into the life of Endrick's partner and the story of their relationship. 

Endrick and his girlfriend, Gabriely Miranda on vacation. Credit: @gabrielymiiranda/Instagram

Who is Endrick's girlfriend?

Endrick's girlfriend is Gabriely Miranda, a model who has garnered attention alongside his rising football stardom. Gabriely is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and also loves soccer but does not play the game. However, she is a fan of Endrick’s current side Palmeiras and she shows her love for the team by visiting the stadium and on social media. 

As reported by Pulse Sports, she is four years older than the Brazilian star, and they have plans to get married as soon as possible.

Gabriely Miranda age

Gabriely Miranda is reportedly 21 years old and is four years older than Endrick. They started dating when the star was 17 years old and the age gap has garnered a lot of attention. 

Despite the buzz around their age difference, both seem happy and open about their love. In fact, there were rumors of a potential engagement early 2024, but Gabriely later clarified that it was not on the cards. 

It's interesting to note that their age difference is not a huge barrier in their native Brazil. Culturally, there's often more flexibility regarding age gaps in relationships compared to some other parts of the world.

Endrick and his girlfriend, Gabriely Miranda on vacation. Credit: @gabrielymiiranda/Instagram

However, Endrick's young age does raise some eyebrows, because as a minor, he's under special legal protections. This has led to some speculation, particularly concerning the dating contract Gabriely mentioned. 

More importantly, the age difference has reportedly caused some friction within Endrick's family.  While details are private, it seems some close relatives might have concerns about the seriousness of the relationship at his age.

Gabriely Miranda height 

Endrick’s girlfriend is 1.59m (5ft 2in) tall, while the star himself is 1.78m (5ft 8in) tall. She uses her height for her modelling career, and is quite famous on social media and in Brazilian as one of the best in her line of work.

What does Gabriely Miranda do for a living?

Gabriely is a famous model and social media influencer, boasting an Instagram following exceeding 600,000, making her one of Brazil’s most prominent models. She has had several collaborations with top brands across the world, including jewellery, clothing, sports brands and eyewears.

How did Endrick and Gabriely's relationship begin?

Endrick and Gabriely had their first encounter in November 2023. As reported by Essentially Sports, it all began when the model walked by during an interview involving the striker. This was revealed in a viral video that showed the Real Madrid-bound forward glancing towards the beautiful blonde lady who had just walked past. The lady happened to be Gabriely, and soon after the relationship began behind closed doors.

However, they made the relationship public on December 8 when Gabriely took to Instagram to share pictures of them together while congratulating the Brazilian forward on his win at the Bola de Prata Awards. She affectionately referred to Endrick as “love” in the caption, clearing all doubts about the new relationship.

The seriousness of the relationship was further confirmed when Gabriely accompanied Endrick’s mother, Cintia, and his younger brother, Noah Gael, to watch the Brazil vs Argentina match. 

Endrick and Gabriely’s relationship contract 

Endrick revealed that he had to sign a contract agreement with his older girlfriend, Gabriely, shortly after they went public. 

"It's true, we have a dating contract. It's not a time contract. There is a contract that has e-mail, RG, has his signature, has my signature, has everything," the model was quoted to have said via gossip outlet, Game Set and Match, while refusing to disclose details of the contract.

However, Brazilian outlet, Leo Dias, exclusively gained access to the document via the NSC portal and went ahead to reveal some interesting details of the formal agreement.

The agreement, written by Gabriely, prioritizes a loving relationship with clear expectations and one where respect, affection, and emotional commitment are key. Bad habits and sudden personality shifts are also prohibited, while expressing their love frequently is a major part of the relationship. Interestingly, some words are off-limits in their communication, and disagreements in public or personality changes come with a "gift-giving penalty."

"Those who don't comply with this, arrive at the end of the month have to give what the other wants. Like that, I ordered an Apple headset and she gave it to me," Endrick said.

Gabriely Miranda networth 

Gabriely Miranda is a famous fashion and social media figure and is estimated to have a net worth between $100,000 to $300,000. Though her career brings in a significant income, the exact amount of her wealth is not yet confirmed by Forbes. However, her social media presence opens doors to potentially lucrative brand partnerships and sponsored content deals.