Laura Woods in a state of fear as stalker sent her texts and threatened to kidnap her dog

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Laura Woods in a state of fear as stalker sent her texts and threatened to kidnap her dog

Stephen Oladehinde 16:46 - 19.02.2024

In a harrowing ordeal that spanned over two years, sports presenter Laura Woods found herself the target of an obsessive stalker, Harneet Kaur, who launched a disturbing campaign against her.

The 36-year-old broadcaster, known for her vibrant presence on TNT Sport, endured a nightmare of vile messages, threats, and unsolicited deliveries to her London residence from Kaur, a 25-year-old female Liverpool FC fan.

A Terrifying Ordeal

Kaur's fixation with Woods began in 2021, escalating from infatuation to a full-blown stalking nightmare. The court heard how Kaur's actions ranged from the delivery of unwanted items—including Bibles, sexual health tests, and food orders—to Woods' doorstep, to outright threats of violence. 

Among the more unsettling incidents was the delivery of Krispy Kreme doughnuts arranged via Just Eat, a gesture that initially seemed benign but marked the beginning of a relentless campaign of harassment.

Judge Talog Davies recounted how Woods was initially charmed by the anonymous gift, unaware of the dark turn her life was about to take. 

Laura Woods | Credit: Getty Images
Laura Woods | Credit: Getty Images

The subsequent deliveries and messages grew increasingly sinister, with Kaur crossing lines that instilled real fear in Woods, particularly the threats made against her beloved dog and the derogatory messages that assaulted her character.

Legal Confrontation and Aftermath

The legal battle that ensued saw Kaur facing justice for her actions. Despite her defence attributing her behaviour to autistic traits of obsession and compulsion, Judge Davies dismissed these arguments, underscoring the awareness Kaur had of the distress she was causing. 

Sentenced to 14 months in prison, Kaur now faces a restraining order that prohibits any contact with Woods and restricts her proximity to Woods' home.

Laura Woods | Credit: Instagram(@laurawoodsy)
Laura Woods | Credit: Instagram(@laurawoodsy)

The ordeal has had a profound impact on Woods, exacerbating her anxiety and compelling her to enhance security measures both at home and at work. 

The prosecution's attempt to extend the ban to all football stadiums was deemed excessive by the judge, who opted for a tailored approach to Kaur's punishment.