Jude Bellingham: Real Madrid star is NOT dating Laura Celia amid reports as truth EXPOSED

Jude Bellingham: Real Madrid star is NOT dating Laura Celia amid reports as truth EXPOSED | Credits: Instagram (Laura Celia), IMAGO

Jude Bellingham: Real Madrid star is NOT dating Laura Celia amid reports as truth EXPOSED

David Ben 10:25 - 12.06.2024

Jude Bellingham and Laura Celia are not in a relationship, Pulse Sports reports.

In a swirl of speculation that has captivated fans and media alike, recent reports from UK tabloids such as The Sun and the Daily Mail suggested that Real Madrid's rising star, Jude Bellingham has begun a romance with Dutch model and Instagram influencer Laura Celia Valk. 

However, these reports have been found to be untrue. 

In an exclusive investigation, Pulse Sports has confirmed that the 20-year-old England midfielder is, in fact, not in a relationship with Valk, debunking the widely circulated reports, ahead of the Euro 2024.

Jude Bellingham and Laura Celia Romance DEBUNKED!

Jude Bellingham girlfriend
Real Madrid's Jude Bellingham | Photo Credit: Imago

The narrative of a budding romance between Jude Bellingham and Laura Celia gained traction in recent weeks, fueled by tabloids eager to captivate their readership with high-profile celebrity gossip. 

However, Pulse Sports has now debunked the relationship between Bellingham and Laura Celia.

Laura Celia is not dating Jude Bellingham
Laura Celia is not dating Jude Bellingham | Instagram

Pulse Sports gathered that Valk herself confided in close friends that she has no connection with the football star, dispelling any notion of a romantic link.

According to leaked chats via gossip outlet, Game Set & Match, the model reportedly denied the claims of a relationship with the Real Madrid star.

In one of the screenshots, she said:

“I have nothing to do with this, really. The Sun's article is fake. Nobody ever said anything; they just wanted to come up with an article that would grab attention. PLT also says this is made up, of course, because I didn't say anything.”

Recall that The Sun, quoted a source to have said:  “Laura was quite loose in telling all the make-up artists about seeing him during her latest job.”

“Practically everyone on set knew about it by the end of the day.

“She’s been staying at his place in Madrid over the past few weekends and is completely smitten.”

Laura Celia is not dating Jude Bellingham
Laura Celia is not dating Jude Bellingham | Instagram

However, another screenshot via the aformentioned, the model clarified:

“Just don't believe everything you read online, the truth always comes out people just want people to see negative and bad."

Since the fabricated report of Bellingham and Laura Celia’s relationship emerged, the model has gained up to 100,000 followers on her Instagram page, where she and Los Blancos star currently follow each other.

Jude Bellingham girlfriend
In Madrid, Bellingham, Djokovic, Bonmatí, and Biles won big at the 2024 Laureus World Sports Awards.

This would not be the first instance where Bellingham's personal life has been subject to erroneous reporting.

 Just over a year ago, similar reports claimed he and UK influencer of Ghanaian descent, Asantewa Chitty, were in a relationship during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Subsequently, Pulse Sports debunked the claims, and weeks later, Chitty publicly denied any romantic involvement with Bellingham. 

Asantewa Chitty/photo via Instagram

The influencer released a statement that read: 

“I can't believe I'm having to address this after so long but I would like to make clear that the rumours of me being in a relationship with Jude Bellingham are not true,” she said.

Chitty also went ahead to reveal that she is indeed in a relationship but not with the Los Blancos midfielder.

Asantewa Chitty dismisses Jude Bellingham dating rumours| Photo Credit: Instagram(@santchitty_)

“I have never dated Jude. I am now in a happy relationship. I would appreciate it if these rumours come to end. Thank you,” she added.

As the dust settles on these debunked rumours,  Jude Bellingham remains focused on his professional career. 

Jude Bellingham set to star at Euro 2024

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham will star for England at Euro 2024 | Instagram

The Three Lions star has been handed the iconic no.10 shirt ahead of the Euro 2024 as he hopes to lead Gareth Southgate’s midfield in England’s quest for their first Euros title.

England first attempted to qualify for the finals of the tournament in 1964, having declined to enter in 1960. 

They first qualified in 1968, and have since participated in the finals on 10 occasions (with an upcoming eleventh participation in 2024), including in 1996, when they were the host nation and thus did not need to qualify.

England's best performance at the finals was a runner-up finish at Euro 2020, when they lost the final to Italy on penalties at Wembley.

Gareth Southgate
England manager Gareth Southgate | IMAGO

They had a third-place finish in Italy in 1968, when only four teams competed in the finals tournament, and reached one further semi-final in 1996, losing to Germany, also on home soil and on penalties.

The team reached the quarter-finals on two other occasions, losing to host nation Portugal on penalties in 2004 and to Italy in Ukraine in 2012, also on penalties.

England were eliminated in the round of 16 by Iceland in 2016. 

On the other four occasions (1980, 1988, 1992 and 2000), they did not progress beyond the group stage.