Dele Alli’s ex-girlfriend Ruby Mae reveals terrifying ordeal on how armed robbers raided their home

Ruby Mae reveals terrifying robbery ordeal || Imago and Getty and The Sun

Dele Alli’s ex-girlfriend Ruby Mae reveals terrifying ordeal on how armed robbers raided their home

Stephen Oladehinde 15:54 - 20.04.2024

Dele Alli’s ex Ruby Mae has revealed she feared she was going to die when armed raiders stole £350,000 of watches and gems.

The 29-year-old model said two masked men tried to rip rings off her after roughing up the England star.

The traumatised model lay in the dark as two men with concealed weapons burst into her bedroom.

She added that the thugs roughed up Dele and made him hand over three watches, including a Rolex.

Dele Alli’s robbery encounter

Talking for the first time about her ordeal in London, she said, as reported by the Sun, “I thought I was going to be killed.”

“It was like a movie. I feared all sorts of things were going to happen. I honestly didn’t know what was going to come next.”

She had been watching Netflix thriller Dead To Me, and Dele and pals were playing pool downstairs when the burglars evaded security to get in through the back door.

Dele Alli and his ex-girlfriend || Getty
Dele Alli and his ex-girlfriend || Getty

Ruby said, “They roughed up Dele and forced him upstairs with them into the wardrobe area, which is separated from the bedroom.

“I couldn’t see the door from the bed but Dele’s friend came up first. They came to me in a panic and I instantly realised something was wrong. His friend wouldn’t have usually come into the bedroom.

“Behind the friend, towards the door was what looked like a silhouette. I was confused and said, ‘Dele?’ and the guy didn’t answer.

Dele Alli || Imago
Dele Alli || Imago

“I realised this guy was not the same height or body structure as Dele. He came over to me and was very intimidating.

“He started asking me where everything was while trying to take off my bracelets and rings. It was terrifying. I was just hoping for it all to be over and for us to be safe.”

“I couldn’t get the jewellery off as I was panicking and holding the dog behind me. I wasn’t answering his requests and I was terrified they were going to hurt Uno. I wasn’t answering any of their questions as I was in shock

Dele Alli's house that was robbed || getty
Dele Alli's house that was robbed || getty

“I didn’t know whether to tell them or not, and I didn’t even know where everything was. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

Ruby said the raiders began to panic when they realised how long they had been in the house.

She added, “They jumped the fence out the front and ran away with whatever they had both managed to find. I don’t have a clue how they got past the security and into the house.

Police at Dele Alli's house || The Sun
Police at Dele Alli's house || The Sun

“The police turned up a few minutes later. They were very helpful and made sure we were OK.”

After the raid police gave Dele and Ruby alarms to activate if they were in danger which signalled directly to the cops.

Ruby said they randomly sounded weeks later and police turned up with a dog unit within moments.

The alarms were on top of the 24-hour security they already had in place before the break-in.