We are overusing messi — Inter miami coach

Lionel Messi in action for Inter Miami || Image credit: Imago

We are overusing messi — Inter miami coach

Faruq Ibrahim 23:05 - 01.03.2024

Inter Miami boss Tata Martino fears the team requires too much from Lionel Messi physically.

Tata Martino is sounding the alarm on Lionel Messi's workload just two games into the 2024 MLS season. With Messi already lighting up the scoreboard for Inter Miami, Martino is pushing for a strategic pivot to keep the Argentine legend fresh and firing.

Martino's Concern Over Messi's Role

Martino is deeply invested in Messi's day-to-day recovery and on-field demands. "What worries me most today is the day-to-day life and how he is recovering game by game," he confessed to reporters, per Goal.

He acknowledges an overdependence on Messi in the initial games, stating, "I feel that in these first two games, we have resorted to him in each game in an exaggerated way and that it has caused him significant wear and tear." 

Martino's goal is clear: recalibrate the team's strategy to distribute the workload more evenly, ensuring Messi is utilised efficiently without being overburdened.

Lionel Messi || Imago
Lionel Messi || Imago

Inter Miami's Star-Studded Season

With Messi, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, and the newly reunited Luis Suarez, expectations are sky-high for Inter Miami to clinch a playoff spot this year, especially after falling short last season.

The team's chemistry and strategic deployment of its star players will be crucial, particularly as they gear up to face Orlando City, a team coming off a goalless draw against Montreal Impact. Despite concerns about his star player's fitness, Martino is likely to lean on Messi's magic once again in this crucial early-season clash

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