Southgate rules out Mason Greenwood of Euro 2024 squad regardless of Getafe form

Mason Greenwood and England manager Gareth Southgate | Manchester Evening News

Southgate rules out Mason Greenwood of Euro 2024 squad regardless of Getafe form

Ayoola Kelechi 21:33 - 17.03.2024

Despite being involved directly in 13 goals for Getafe this season, Gareth Southgate has closed the door on Manchester United loanee Mason Greenwood

England manager Gareth Southgate has firmly ruled out the possibility of controversial Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood being included in the Euro 2024 squad, irrespective of his form at Getafe

Southgate's decision comes amid ongoing speculation regarding Greenwood's future and his recent move to the Spanish club.

A Firm Stance from Southgate

Addressing questions about Greenwood's potential inclusion in the squad for Euro 2024, Southgate made his stance clear. 

He stated, "For me, I don't think it's something for pre-Euros. Allowing him to get his career going again abroad appears to have been a good move, but I have to say I've not tracked it closely."

Concerns and Considerations

Despite acknowledging the positive impact of Greenwood's move abroad, Southgate emphasized the need for further information before considering him for selection. He expressed concerns about potential distractions and emphasized the importance of maintaining focus within the team.

Southgate elaborated, "At this moment, it would be a big distraction for the team. I would need to know more details about the whole thing before it was an option."

Greenwood has been a controversial figure in recent times, with off-field issues impacting his career at Manchester United. He was arrested in January 2022 for alleged abuse and coercion of his then girlfriend and was subsequently cleared in 2023 following a lack of evidence. 

Despite his undeniable talent, concerns about his presence causing distractions have called into question his suitability for international selection.

What next for Greenwood and England?

As England prepare for Euro 2024, Southgate remains focused on assembling a squad that can compete at the highest level. While Greenwood's talent is undeniable, Southgate's decision to rule him out reflects his commitment to maintaining team harmony and discipline.

Gareth Southgate's decision to exclude Mason Greenwood from the Euro 2024 squad underscores the importance of professionalism and conduct within the England camp. While Greenwood's form at Getafe may be impressive, Southgate's concerns about potential distractions and the need for more information outweigh any on-field considerations. As England set their sights on Euro 2024, Southgate remains resolute in his commitment to building a cohesive and focused squad capable of challenging for glory on the international stage.

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