Serie A Referee Set for One-Month Ban After Disastrous AC Milan vs Lazio Tie

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 Serie A Referee Set for One-Month Ban After Disastrous AC Milan vs Lazio Tie

Ayoola Kelechi 21:20 - 02.03.2024

The match which saw two Lazio players sent off has been labelled as one of the worst-refereed games in recent Serie A history

In a significant development following the fiery Serie A encounter between Lazio and AC Milan, referee Marco Di Bello is poised to face a one-month suspension for his controversial officiating during the match. 

The game, which unfolded at the Stadio Olimpico, was marred by contentious decisions, leading to widespread criticism of Di Bello's performance.

 A Night of Chaos at Stadio Olimpico

The intense clash between Lazio and Milan was notable not just for the football on display but for the chaotic nature of the game, exacerbated by Di Bello's handling of the match. Throughout the 96 minutes, the referee issued nine yellow cards and three red cards, contributing to an atmosphere where discipline seemed to unravel.

The match, which saw more than 36 fouls, turned into a contentious battle, with the referee's decisions becoming a focal point of the evening. This led to significant scrutiny in the aftermath, with Italian media outlets sparing no criticism of Di Bello's officiating.

Media and Professional Backlash

The Corriere dello Sport was particularly scathing in its assessment, awarding Di Bello a dismal rating of 3 out of 10. This highlighted the perceived poor management that not only affected the flow of the game but also its outcome, casting a shadow over what was a crucial fixture for both teams.

Gazzetta dello Sport echoed these sentiments, pointing out that referee designator Gianluca Rocchi found Di Bello's performance to be lacking. The report suggested that Rocchi believed the only commendable decision made by Di Bello was the non-award of a penalty following a challenge between Milan's Mike Maignan and Lazio's Valentin Castellanos.

Impending Suspension

The consensus is that Di Bello's errors were not limited to a single incident but were spread throughout the match, impacting red cards, foul management, and the overall emotional control of the players. As a result, Rocchi is expected to impose a one-month suspension on Di Bello, marking his second such punishment this season following a previous incident after a match between Juventus and Bologna.

Marco Di Bello's impending suspension underscores the critical importance of refereeing standards in football, particularly in a league as prestigious as Serie A. As the referee steps back from the pitch to reflect on his approach to match officiating, the episode serves as a reminder of the significant impact referees have on the integrity and the enjoyment of the game.

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