AC Milan’s Pioli Not Afraid of Boniface and Leverkusen in Europa League

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AC Milan’s Pioli Not Afraid of Boniface and Leverkusen in Europa League

Ayoola Kelechi 00:44 - 25.02.2024

Despite Bayer Leverkusen's red-hot form, AC Milan's Stefano Pioli backs his side to overcome the Germans if they meet in the Europa League

AC Milan's head coach Stefano Pioli has displayed a remarkable level of calm and confidence following the Europa League Round of 16 draw, despite the intense competition. 

Milan's journey in the Europa League has been noteworthy, especially after their recent 3-2 defeat to Rennes. However, this minor setback did not deter them as they advanced with a 5-3 aggregate victory, securing their place in the next round.

A Calculated Confidence

During the nerve-wracking moments of the Europa League knockout draw in Nyon, Milan was faced with a 50-50 chance between drawing Slavia Praha and Bayer Leverkusen. Ultimately, they were paired with Slavia Praha, sidestepping a potential clash with Xabi Alonso’s formidable Bayer Leverkusen team. When questioned about the draw and his preference, Pioli expressed his indifference towards the outcome, emphasizing his team's capability and readiness to face any challenger.

Pioli was also queried about AC Milan's odds in the Europa League, to which he responded with a reminder of the team's ambition. "All the teams want to win the Europa League and so do we," Pioli stated, underscoring Milan's determination to claim the prestigious title. He acknowledges the strength and ambition of other teams like Atalanta and Liverpool but remains focused on his squad's performance and the journey ahead.

Pioli Unfazed by Europa League Draw

Pioli's reaction to potentially facing Bayer Leverkusen was one of notable composure. "I wasn’t even too worried about drawing Bayer Leverkusen… It depends on us," he remarked, indicating his belief in Milan's strength and strategy over the luck of the draw. He respects Slavia Praha's capabilities, acknowledging their success in Roma's group and their competitive edge in their league, but he insists that Milan's destiny in the Europa League hinges on their own performance.

With AC Milan now set to face Slavia Praha, Pioli's attention is firmly on preparing his team for the upcoming challenge. His confidence in the face of adversity and belief in his team's abilities serves as a rallying cry for the Rossoneri as they continue their quest for European glory. Pioli's leadership and strategic acumen will be crucial as Milan looks to navigate the hurdles of the Europa League and secure their spot in the annals of football history.

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