Scott McTominay Reflects on Mourinho's Impact at Manchester United

Scott McTominay speaks on Mourinho's Impact at United || Imago

Scott McTominay Reflects on Mourinho's Impact at Manchester United

Stephen Oladehinde 22:54 - 17.01.2024

Manchester United's midfield dynamo, Scott McTominay, recently opened up about the profound influence Jose Mourinho had on his career during the Portuguese coach's tenure at Old Trafford.

McTominay, who has been a Red Devil for over two decades, credits Mourinho for crucial developments in his professional journey.

The Mourinho Effect: Testing Times and Tough Love

McTominay's transition from the youth squad to a first-team regular was not without its challenges. His big break came in 2017, and it was under Mourinho's watchful eye that he honed his skills. Despite initial doubts, McTominay's perseverance paid off, marking him as a key player in United's midfield.

In an enlightening chat on Jake Humphrey's High-Performanceman Podcast, McTominay delved into life under Mourinho. He recounted an early training session where his temper and outspokenness caught the manager's attention. 

Mourinho's blunt advice was a turning point. "Mourinho spoke to me and said you need them to like you you can't make them think you're a ******," McTominay remembered as reported by Daily Mail. "He dressed me down to be fair and said who do you think you are, you've done nothing."

McTominay Man United midfielder || Imago
McTominay Man United midfielder || Imago

McTominay's Rise: From Doubt to Dependability

This tough love approach, as it turned out, was a test of character. Mourinho's strategy was to challenge McTominay, pushing him to adapt and grow. It worked. 

The Scot's transformation under Mourinho's guidance was remarkable. With an impressive tally of 25 goals in 233 appearances, he has become a fixture in United's lineup.

McTominay || Imago
McTominay || Imago

McTominay's gratitude towards Mourinho is evident. "I owe him a great deal and my family love him," he said. Mourinho's support extended beyond the pitch, even influencing McTominay's decision to play for Scotland, a nod to his heritage and a personal goal for the midfielder.

Under Erik Ten Hag's current leadership, McTominay continues to be a pivotal player, proving that Mourinho's early faith in him was well-placed. 

His journey serves as a testament to the impact a coach can have on a player's career, shaping not just skills, but also character and resilience.