Samuel Eto'o: Cameroon FA president hit with several allegations, asked to stepdown

Samuel Eto'o is allegedly owing his Italian daughter's monthly alimony | Credit: IMAGO

Samuel Eto'o: Cameroon FA president hit with several allegations, asked to stepdown

Stephen Oladehinde 15:16 - 12.07.2023

Due to severe allegations, a group of amateur clubs in Cameroon have called on former player Samuel Eto'o to step down from his position as president of the nation's football federation.

The 42-year-old, who has played for a number of the biggest clubs in Europe, was reportedly told to step down "if he still loves Cameroonian football, as he has always claimed."

The Cameroon's Amateur Clubs' Association (ACFAC), voted 11-1 in favour of the motion last week.

With several allegations laid before him, Eto'o has been instructed to step down from his position as the FA president.

Samuel Eto'o Cameroonian FA preident
Samuel Eto'o Cameroonian FA preident

Allegations against Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o has been hit with several allegations after just two years as the Cameroonian FA president.

According to BBC, Eto’o allegations are as follows, The decision to extend the term of the Fecafoot president from four to seven years was deemed unconstitutional and anti-statutory by ACFAC, among other things. 

It also emphasised that new laws passed in August last year weren't published as they should have been.

ACFAC requested the intervention of the Cameroon sports minister and raised the prospect of requesting the same from Fifa President Gianni Infantino.

Aside from the first and second allegations, there are still other allegations which have been brought forward by the ACFAC.

Eto'o's ambassadorial role with a sports betting company questioned

Eto'o's choice to assume an ambassadorial role with a sports betting company could be in violation of both Fifa and Fecafoot rules.

Cameroonian club UMS de Loum asked Fecafoot to look into the issue and raised it with Fifa and the Caf In June.

It was said that Fecafoot has negotiated an agreement with the same betting companies to sponsor both the men's and women's international teams, as well as the top two levels of the country's football league.

In a statement made at the time, the federation said the transaction had been signed in conformity with all ethical norms and further indicated Eto'o's drive to "modernise" Cameroonian football.

Furthermore, according to ACFAC's statement, Fecafoot is being manipulated by unidentified players so that bettors can profit from the results of the matches.

According to the Fifa code, people bound by its code "shall be forbidden from participating in, either directly or indirectly, betting, gambling, lotteries or similar events or transactions related to football matches or competitions or any related football activities".

According to BBC, Football's world governing body mentions a consequence of either a fine or ban from football for any infringement of its ethics code with connections to betting and gambling, with any "direct or indirect financial interest" forbidden.

However, It is yet to be seen if Eto'o is personally earning from his association with the betting company or not.