Pochettino's tough love: No 'Charity' at Chelsea for players and entourages

No 'Charity' at Chelsea says Pochettino || Imago

Pochettino's tough love: No 'Charity' at Chelsea for players and entourages

Stephen Oladehinde 19:28 - 22.12.2023

In a striking address, Chelsea's head coach Mauricio Pochettino has laid down the law to his squad and their entourages, emphasizing that Chelsea is not a charity and player appearances are earned, not given.

The Argentine's comments come amid rising tensions within the team over playing time, especially with star signings Christopher Nkunku and Romeo Lavia returning from injuries.

Pochettino's Message to Players and Their Circles

In a candid moment, Pochettino also shared his frustrations, challenging the disgruntled murmurs from players' camps. 

“The club is disappointed they are investing big to play, to score goals, and when you are not scoring goals, okay we pay the salary every month if you don’t play or you are injured,” he stated as reported by Daily Mail.

His remarks underscore a no-nonsense approach to managing Chelsea's talented but competitive squad, focusing on immediate team needs and success.

Pochettino, Chelsea manager || Photo credit: IMAGO
Pochettino, Chelsea manager || Photo credit: IMAGO

Pochettino's Stand on Player Involvement

Pochettino’s frank words came after the buzz around Nkunku's delayed debut for Chelsea. The France forward was benched during the Sheffield United match but later saw action against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup. 

Pochettino said, “After six months, like Nkunku, like him [Lavia], they need to understand they need to be involved, to train really, really hard every day.” 

He stressed the need for players to make an immediate impact, dismissing any notion of a free pass because of past injuries or a prestigious name.

Nkunku, Chelsea forward ||  Credit: Getty Image
Nkunku, Chelsea forward || Credit: Getty Image

Competition Heats Up in Chelsea Squad

With the return of Nkunku and Lavia, the competition for starting spots in Pochettino’s squad is intensifying. The head coach expressed his annoyance at the chatter around Nkunku's non-involvement in the Sheffield game, clarifying that team selections are based on current form and fitness, not reputation. 

Chelsea team training || Imago
Chelsea team training || Imago

“It is not because we don’t believe in him, or in this case Lavia. It is because there are many other players fit and training for six months,” Pochettino elaborated.

Pochettino's clear message reverberates beyond the training ground, setting a tone of uncompromising standards and commitment at Chelsea. 

As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how his tough-love approach shapes the team's dynamics and performances.