‘No be today my brother’ — Nigeria’s Olympic Heroes Ajilore and Nsofor Lament Failed Government Promises from 2008

Ajilore, Nsofor denounce failed promises from the government | Imago

‘No be today my brother’ — Nigeria’s Olympic Heroes Ajilore and Nsofor Lament Failed Government Promises from 2008

Ayoola Kelechi 21:20 - 16.02.2024

A lack of government follow-through on promises has reared its ugly head again after members of the 2008 Olympic team revealed that pledges made to them had not been fulfilled after more than a decade

Oluwafemi Ajilore and Victor Obinna Nsofor, former stars of the Nigerian national football team, have recently expressed their disappointment over unfulfilled promises by the Nigerian government following their remarkable performances at the 2008 Olympic Games. 

The Nigerian Dream Team reached the final of the tournament in Beijing China, only to be bested by an Argentina team featuring football luminaries like Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, and Angel Di Maria in the final match leaving them with a bittersweet silver medal.

A Moment of Pride, Followed by Disappointment

As the world turns its attention to the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, a throwback video highlighting one of Nigeria’s proudest moments from the 2008 Olympics resurfaced. The video showcased a sensational team goal scored by Nsofor, celebrated alongside Ajilore and their fellow Dream Team members. 

This moment of glory, however, has reignited feelings of disappointment rather than joy for the two players due to the Nigerian government's failure to deliver on promises made over a decade ago.

Public Outcry for Recognition and Rewards

Reacting to the video, Ajilore, under the username @femfemo, voiced his frustration, questioning the whereabouts of the promised national honors and other rewards. “Where are promises and national honour promises for us? Someone should help and remind the FG. It's not too late,” he commented, seeking to remind the Federal Government of their obligations. 

Ajilore and Nsofor lament government neglect | Instagram @OldNaijaFootball
Ajilore and Nsofor lament government neglect | Instagram @OldNaijaFootball

Nsofor, aligning with his teammate's sentiments, lamented the long history of unkept promises with a poignant remark, “No be today my brother, promise promise but never redeemed,” shared via his handle @victorobinna_official.

An Ongoing Issue of Unfulfilled Promises

This issue of unfulfilled promises is not isolated to Ajilore and Nsofor but reflects a broader concern among athletes representing Nigeria in international competitions. 

The government's failure to recognize and reward their achievements adequately has been a recurring theme, leading to widespread disillusionment among sportsmen and women who have brought honor to the nation through their talents and hard work.

Ajilore issues call to action

The grievances aired by Ajilore and Nsofor serve as a call to action for the Nigerian government and sports authorities. It highlights the need for a systemic change in how the country acknowledges and compensates its sporting heroes. 

As Nigeria prepares to participate in future international competitions, including the Paris 2024 Olympics, it becomes imperative to address these issues and ensure that athletes are duly honored and rewarded for their contributions to the nation’s sporting legacy.

The saga of Ajilore and Nsofor and the other members of the 2008 Olympic team is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by athletes in securing the recognition and rewards they rightly deserve. 

As Nigeria looks forward to celebrating new victories on the global stage, it must also look back and fulfill the promises made to those who have previously flown its flag high. Only by doing so can the country truly honor the spirit of excellence and sacrifice that its athletes embody.

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