Napoli slam Serie A for not punishing Acerbi over alleged racism

Napoli slam Serie A for not punishing Acerbi over alleged racism

Faruq Ibrahim 22:47 - 26.03.2024

Napoli's scathing criticism of Serie A's failure to punish Acerbi for alleged racism against Brazilian defender Juan Jesus.

Napoli did not mince words in their response to Serie A's failure to sanction Francesco Acerbi following accusations of racist comments by Juan Jesus. The club issued a scathing statement expressing their outrage and disbelief at the decision.

Napoli's Strong Rebuke

Napoli has unleashed a fierce backlash against Serie A for their controversial decision to overlook the alleged racist remarks made by Francesco Acerbi towards Juan Jesus. The club did not hold back in their criticism, stating:

 "Francesco Acerbi has not been sanctioned. According to the sports 'justice' system, Juan Jesus must be the guilty party, for unfairly accusing a fellow footballer."

"It is not reasonable to believe that he misunderstood. The principle of the greatest likelihood of an event, which exists in sports justice and which appears clear from the dynamics of the incident and the apology offered on the pitch, simply vanishes in this judgment.

"We find it astonishing. If what happened on the pitch “is certainly compatible with the expression of offensive comments […] by the Inter player, who does not deny that they were offensive and threatening,” then why was Acerbi not sanctioned in any way?

"If, as the judgement itself reads, “there was certainly proof of an insult,” why did the sports judge decide to take no action to punish the responsible party? We find that even more astonishing.

"Napoli will no longer take part in anti-racism and anti-discrimination initiatives run by football institutions that are merely symbolic, but we will continue to organise them ourselves, as we have always done, with renewed conviction and determination," concluded the statement.

Juan Jesus’ powerful reaction

In response to the disappointing verdict, Juan Jesus, the player at the center of the racism allegations, took a stand by changing his Instagram profile picture to a clenched fist, symbolizing Black Power.

His symbolic gesture adds weight to the seriousness of the issue and reflects his defiance against racial discrimination in the sport.

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