Mudryk matches Saka's Non-Penalty goal tally, sparking fan debate amidst Chelsea's rise

Chelsea fans compare Saka Mudryk || Imago

Mudryk matches Saka's Non-Penalty goal tally, sparking fan debate amidst Chelsea's rise

Stephen Oladehinde 17:08 - 29.12.2023

Mykhailo Mudryk's recent performance for Chelsea has ignited comparisons with Arsenal's Bukayo Saka, following a noteworthy statistical revelation.

Mudryk, the Ukrainian sensation, scored Chelsea's opener in their latest 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace. This marked his second goal in three matches, bringing his season tally to four, with three in the Premier League from 17 appearances. 

Unlike Saka, Mudryk's goals have all been from open play, as he isn't typically tasked with penalty or set-piece duties for Chelsea.

Fan Reactions and Comparisons

Chelsea supporters were quick to highlight Mudryk's achievement on social media platforms, emphasizing that his non-penalty goal count in the Premier League equals that of Saka's, despite the Arsenal star having more total goals this season. 

Bukayo Saka, Arsenal star || Imago
Bukayo Saka, Arsenal star || Imago

An avid Chelsea fan remarked on social media as reported by Talk Sports, "Mudryk having the same number of non-penalty goals as Saka this season needs to be spoken about more." 

Another supporter playfully compared Mudryk to Saka, referring to him as the 'best right winger in the world' and boasting about Mudryk's efficiency in fewer minutes played.

Arsenal fans were not far behind in the discussion, pointing out the contrasting fortunes of the two teams. One Arsenal fan highlighted the team's superior performance, noting Chelsea's struggle in the league. 

Another Arsenal supporter brought attention to Saka's total goal count, which surpasses Chelsea's league wins, showcasing the differing impacts of the two players this season.

Mudryk's journey this season has been notable, with his first goal coming against Fulham, followed by a critical equalizer in the 2-2 draw against Arsenal. 

Chelsea winger Mykhailo Mudryk | Credit: IMAGO
Chelsea winger Mykhailo Mudryk | Credit: IMAGO

His most recent goal against Palace adds to his growing reputation, especially following his decisive penalty in the Carabao Cup against Newcastle, helping Chelsea advance to the semi-finals. 

Mudryk's contributions are becoming increasingly vital for Chelsea, as evidenced by their seventh Premier League win, secured with the help of Noni Madueke's winner.