Mohamed Salah under massive fire from Egyptian football legends for leaving AFCON


FOOTBALL Mohamed Salah under massive fire from Egyptian football legends for leaving AFCON

Festus Chuma 15:00 - 23.01.2024

Mohamed Salah criticized for leaving AFCON to rehabilitate injury at Liverpool, sparking debate on national duty versus club commitments.

Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah finds himself at the center of a storm following his decision to leave the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) for injury rehabilitation at his club, Liverpool.

This controversial move has ignited fierce criticism from two of Egypt's football icons, Wael Gomaa and Ahmed Hassan, who have openly expressed their disappointment and frustration.

Wael Gomaa, a celebrated figure in Egyptian football, did not mince his words when discussing Salah's decision and its implications.

"What happened regarding Salah’s injury is a major insult to the Egyptian national team and its history in the African continent," Gomaa stated as per KingFut.

He went on to describe the situation as a "very big mistake," pointing fingers at all parties involved in the decision-making process.

Gomaa's passionate words reflect a deep sense of betrayal, emphasizing that "everyone involved in this mistake is a group of onlookers with no roles except to enter the frame during the filming, during scenes of hitting and action, just like in movies, to get the final shot."

Gomaa's critique extends beyond Salah's personal choice, encompassing the overall state of Egyptian football.

"Everything happening now in the national team reflects the nature of football in Egypt," he remarked, highlighting systemic issues.

He also touched upon the potential consequences of Salah's decision, particularly if the nature and duration of his injury become public.

"If Salah is absent for a long period, he will save himself and everyone around him, including the officials, from rumors and speculation," Gomaa added.

Another legend, Ahmed Hassan, joined the chorus of disapproval.

Hassan, a former Besiktas and Anderlecht midfielder with a record 184 caps for Egypt, expressed his disillusionment with Salah's actions.

"I’ve always backed Salah and I was very happy with his presence as captain of the Egyptian national team," Hassan said. as per The Sun.

However, he questioned the integrity of Salah's leadership, accusing him of "plotting his departure from the Egypt camp."

Hassan also raised questions about the legality of Salah's departure under AFCON regulations and suggested alternative solutions.

"He had the possibility of bringing in someone from Liverpool’s medical staff to be with him during the competition," he noted, highlighting that as a leader, Salah's presence with the team was crucial.

The departure of Salah, who suffered a hamstring injury in a 2-2 draw with Ghana, leaves a significant void in the Egyptian squad.

His decision to prioritize his club commitments over national duty has sparked a debate about the balance between club and country obligations, particularly for high-profile players like Salah. 

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