Marcus Rashford returns to Manchester United training a day after freak accident

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FOOTBALL Marcus Rashford returns to Manchester United training a day after freak accident

Festus Chuma 16:11 - 25.09.2023

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford reports to training a day after a shocking car accident, hinting at possible play against Palace.

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford made headlines last Sunday, not for his on-pitch prowess, but for an unexpected off-pitch incident. 

Just days after being involved in a heart-stopping accident in which he totaled one of his prized £700,000 (Ksh 126 million) Rolls-Royces, Rashford was spotted driving another of his luxury vehicles to the club's Carrington training complex.

The accident took place mere hours after Manchester United secured a 1-0 away win against Burnley. The English forward had departed from the training facility close to midnight when his white Rolls collided with a vehicle driven by a 74-year-old grandmother. 

In the immediate aftermath, there was immense concern for the safety of both drivers. 

However, it was soon revealed that Rashford managed to emerge from the wreck unscathed, having been examined by a club doctor. The elderly motorist, though understandably shaken, was thankfully unhurt.

Addressing the incident, Rashford reached out to his vast following on social media. “3 points on the road! I’m alright guys thanks for the messages,” he posted, aiming to assuage the concerns of his fans as per The Sun.

Manchester United was quick to back its star player, with an official statement reading, “Marcus is fine. It was an accidental collision. Thankfully, both were uninjured.”

Despite the gravity of the incident, local authorities have declared they will not be probing the matter further. Both drivers underwent breathalyzer tests at the scene, which apparently did not raise any additional concerns.

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, speculation was rife about Rashford’s potential absence from future matches. His conspicuous absence on Sunday only fueled these rumors, especially as other Manchester United teammates, such as Mason Mount and Harry Maguire, were visibly present. 

Given that both Mount and Maguire are nursing injuries and are expected to play in the upcoming Carabao Cup match against Crystal Palace, Rashford’s absence seemed to indicate he might be ruled out of the fixture.

According to The Sun, yet, in a turn of events that speaks to Rashford’s indomitable spirit, he was photographed arriving at Carrington on Monday. 

The striker, driving another of his three Rolls-Royces, made a statement without uttering a word. The tinted screen concealed most of his expressions, but his mere presence hinted at the possibility of him taking to the pitch against Crystal Palace.

To be back behind the wheel, especially of a car identical to the one involved in the crash, requires a certain mental fortitude. It’s the same tenacity that Rashford displays on the field, never backing down, regardless of the challenges ahead. 

However, some might argue that driving a similar vehicle so soon after the crash might be an attempt to reclaim a sense of normality or even to overcome any lingering fears. Regardless of the reasoning, it's clear that the young footballer is keen on moving past the unsettling episode.