Manchester United star Antony delays return amidst serious allegations


FOOTBALL Manchester United star Antony delays return amidst serious allegations

Festus Chuma 15:30 - 10.09.2023

Manchester United's Antony delays return amid allegations in Brazil; club acknowledges situation and condemns acts of violence and abuse.

English Premier League side Manchester United has  announced today that their prized winger, Antony, will postpone his return to the club amidst serious allegations. 

The 23-year-old prodigious talent has been accused of causing harm to her former girlfriend  Gabriela.

Antony has been quick to refute these claims, taking to social media to vehemently deny the allegations. 

Expressing his commitment to addressing the issue, Antony stated his willingness to cooperate with Brazilian authorities where the allegations have originated.

Manchester United, always quick to address controversies surrounding its players, has  issued an official statement.

 “Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony. Players who haven’t participated in international matches are typically expected back in training on Monday. However, given the gravity of the situation, it has been mutually agreed with Antony that he will delay his return until further notice to address the allegations," it reads.

Their statement continued, "As a club, we staunchly condemn acts of violence and abuse. While it's crucial to get to the bottom of such allegations, we also recognise the importance of safeguarding all those involved in this situation. We're acutely aware of the impact these allegations have on survivors of abuse, and we pledge to support them fully.”

Earlier this week, Antony, in an interview with the Brazilian network SBT, categorically denied the claims.

 "Never. I never have and I never will," Antony stressed when asked about the possibility of him assaulting any woman as per Sky Sports.

Antony also highlighted his personal connections to women, like his mother and sister, stating that he would never want any harm to befall them.

Yet, Gabriela's accusations are not the only ones Antony faces. Another woman, Ingrid Lana, has spoken up about an incident during a business trip to England last year. 

She alleges that Antony invited her to his residence with non-professional intentions. "He pushed me against the wall and I hit my head. My purpose was just business. Arriving there at his invitation, I realised he had ulterior motives," Lana stated in a television interview.

Antony vehemently denies Lana's accusations as well. "Negative. I'm 100 per cent certain that I never touched any woman. 100 per cent. I am certain," he expressed. 

Furthermore, Antony has promised to present evidence that he believes will vindicate him and reveal the truth.