Kyle Walker: 7 things to know about Man City star's 'MESSY' cheating scandal

Kyle Walker: 7 things to know about Man City star's 'MESSY' cheating scandal

Kyle Walker: 7 things to know about Man City star's 'MESSY' cheating scandal

David Ben 11:23 - 17.01.2024

Kyle Walker was dumped by his wife Annie Kilner, following another episode of his infidelity. Here's all you need to know about his cheating scandal.

Manchester City star Kyle Walker has recently found himself in the midst of a scandal, after splitting from his wife Annie Kilner following revelations of fathering a second child with model Lauryn Goodman. 

Pulse Sports reported that Annie Kilner publicly released a statement to confirm her separation from the former Tottenham defender following episodes of infidelity.

The unfolding drama involves multiple children, public statements, and allegations that even his England teammates were aware of his affair.

 In this article, Pulse Sports reveals seven key things to know about Kyle Walker's trending cheating scandal.

7 things to know about Kyle Walker’s Cheating Scandal

1. He reportedly has a 2nd Child with Lauryn Goodman

Kyle Walker
Manchester City's Kyle Walker | Credit: IMAGO

Kyle Walker's infidelity came to light when it was revealed that he fathered a child with model and influencer Lauryn Goodman. 

Lauryn Goodman Kyle Walker
Lauryn Goodman | Credit: Instagram

This news emerged just days after his wife Annie Kilner decided to end their marriage due to the revelation of Walker fathering a second child with Goodman.

 The Sun revealed the child was born last year, and the scandal has since created a public spectacle around Walker's personal life.

2. Walker cheated while he is still expecting a 4th child with Annie Kilner

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker cheated on his wife Annie Kilner on several occasions | Credit: IMAGO

In an unexpected twist, it has been disclosed that Annie Kilner, Walker's estranged wife, is six months pregnant with their fourth child. 

The Man City skipper already shares three-year-old son Kairo with the 32-year-old model, Lauryn Goodman, as well as having three other sons - Riaan, Roman and Reign - with wife Annie.

Kyle Walker Annie Kilner
Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner | Credit: IMAGO

The news has added a layer of complexity to the situation, with sources reporting that Annie is struggling emotionally but is determined to protect her children amidst the media frenzy surrounding Walker's actions.

3. Walker and Annie Kilner have both released public statements on their separation

Annie Kilner
Annie Kilner, the estranged wife of Kyle Walker | Credit: IMAGO

Both Annie Kilner and Kyle Walker have issued public statements regarding their separation.

 Annie, in an online statement, requested privacy for herself and their three young children during this challenging time. 

She wrote via her Instagram story:

 "I am posting this in response to growing recent media enquiries about my marriage to Kyle and in an effort to protect my family against the intensity of the media spotlight. "Sadly, after many years of marriage and three wonderful children together; I have decided to take some time away from Kyle. I do not wish to comment on the position any further. For now, I ask that the privacy of myself and our three young children is respected during this difficult time."

Annie Kilner
Kyle Walker, the Manchester City defender, has publicly apologised to his estranged wife Annie Kilner over the recent cheating scandal | Credit: IMAGO

Walker, in response, apologised for the upset he caused and emphasised Annie's importance in his life. 

A statement from the England star read: "Annie is an amazing woman and I can only apologise for the upset I've caused her.

"She's been part of my life for so long and that will never change for the sake of our children. I would ask for privacy for all of our family, and especially our young children, whilst we work through these difficult times."

The couple, who had been together for many years, is now navigating the difficulties of their separation in the public eye.

4. Walker’s England teammates were reportedly aware of his escapades

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker's England teammates reportedly knew about his escapades | Credit: IMAGO

One surprising revelation is that Walker's England teammates were fully aware of his affair with Lauryn Goodman. 

Walker’s babymama, Lauryn Goodman, alleges that they would even join Facetime calls with the City star while he communicated with his mistress.

She told The Sun: “I wasn’t a secret to his England teammates — they would come on the phone when he FaceTimed me.

5. Walker allegedly made promises to his mistress on their Facetime Calls

Lauryn Goodman Kyle Walker
Lauryn Goodman | Credit: Instagram

Lauryn Goodman also revealed details about her relationship with Walker, asserting that she was not a secret to his England teammates.

 She mentioned that Walker would make promises during Facetime calls, such as bringing a football back from the World Cup for his son Kairo. 

"In one call he promised to bring Kairo a football back from the World Cup. And he did, one of the actual balls. The blue Man City kit he wears with ‘Daddy’ on the back was bought by Kyle too,” she said.

6. Walker initially denied being the father of Goodman’s daughter not until a DNA Test was done

Kyle Walker Lauryn Goodman
Lauryn Goodman | Credit: Instagram

After the birth of Lauryn's daughter, Walker denied being the father.

 Lauryn claimed she advised Walker to confess to his wife, but he was "too weak" to do so. 

Annie Kilner Kyle Walker
Annie Kilner has announced her separation from Manchester City star Kyle Walker | Credit: Instagram

She eventually shared a DNA test with Annie Kilner as proof of paternity. 

The revelation became a turning point, forcing Annie to face the reality of Walker's actions.

7. Walker has moved out of the family home following the latest scandal

Kyle Walker
Walker has moved out of the family home following the latest scandal | Credit: Instagram

In the aftermath of the scandal, Kyle Walker has moved out of the family home he shared with Annie Kilner. 

He now resides in a flat near the house in Prestbury, Cheshire.