Kenyan defender appeals to Malawian public for help to locate young superfan

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STARS ABROAD Kenyan defender appeals to Malawian public for help to locate young superfan

Festus Chuma 18:00 - 02.12.2023

Kenyan defender Clyde Senaji seeks fan assistance to find a young admirer who wrote his name on a school uniform.

Nyasa Big Bullets' Kenyan defender Clyde Senaji has reached out to his dedicated fans in Malawi for assistance in tracking down a young boy whose heartwarming display of fandom recently went viral.

The boy, whose identity remains a mystery, had captured hearts across social media platforms by inscribing Senaji's name on his school uniform as if it were a prized jersey.

In a tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Senaji earnestly implored, "Nyasa Big Bullets…please help me find this boy."

The heartwarming photograph that started it all featured the young fan's face obscured and withheld the name of his school, leaving the defender with an intriguing mission to unite with his devoted follower.

The Malawian Super League fans are abuzz with anticipation as Senaji's gesture is expected to culminate in a heartwarming meeting with the young enthusiast.

With Senaji's reputation for both his defensive prowess on the field and his affable demeanor off it, it is widely speculated that he will not only meet the young boy but also shower him with a generous assortment of goodies and surprises.

Senaji's connection with fans, both young and old, has been nothing short of remarkable.

Back in June, a dedicated follower had a photograph taken of himself, completely drenched in all-red body paint, with the iconic "Senaji 14" written in bold white letters on his back.

This fervent display of support showcased the powerful impact Senaji has had on the hearts of his admirers.

Clyde Senaji's journey to becoming a cherished figure among the Nyasa Big Bullets faithful has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The defender made his transition to the club from Tusker in January, following an impressive 15-month stint with the team.

Prior to his time with Tusker, Senaji had plied his trade with AFC Leopards, a testament to his versatility and talent as a defender.

Senaji's experience in African football is notable, having featured for Tusker and Big Bullets in the CAF Champions League qualifier matches.

His contributions were integral to Tusker's squad's triumph in the 2021-2022 season, securing the top position before the campaign faced an unexpected annulment.

Nyasa Big Bullets' acquisition of Senaji has proven to be a valuable asset, with his defensive acumen proving invaluable on the field.

Senaji's dedication and exceptional skills have led to him being named the club's Man of the Match on several memorable occasions.

As the search for the young fan continues, Clyde Senaji remains hopeful of reuniting with his passionate supporter and expressing his gratitude for the unwavering loyalty he has received from fans throughout his career. 

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