It won't be bad —  Barcelona star makes bold UCL final prediction

Barcelona will be missing both Pedri and Gavi against Manchester United


Barcelona's young midfielders Gavi and Pedri || Image credit: Imago

It won't be bad — Barcelona star makes bold UCL final prediction

Faruq Ibrahim 22:18 - 01.04.2024

Discover how Barcelona's midfield gem, Pedri, has stirred up anticipation by revealing his forecast for the Champions League final.

In a recent Q&A session, Barcelona's rising star, Pedri, shared his bold prediction for the Champions League final, igniting excitement among fans.

As the midfielder recuperates from an injury, his confidence in his team's chances against top contenders like Manchester City and Real Madrid is making waves in the football world.

Pedri's Confident Forecast

During a virtual interview with The Residency, Pedri was asked to weigh in on the likely contenders for this season's Champions League final, and his response didn't disappoint.

With Barcelona gearing up for a crucial quarter-final clash against Paris Saint-Germain, Pedri's prediction of a Barça vs. Man City showdown has set tongues wagging within the football community.

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The 21-year-old Spaniard didn't shy away from bold statements when he elaborated, "My prediction for the Champions League final? Barça vs. Man City... But a Barça vs. Real Madrid final wouldn’t be bad either!"

Pedri's unwavering faith in his team's quality and potential to excel in Europe's premier club competition reflects his determination and belief in their abilities.

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