'I’m not Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar but people feel connected to me' - Patrice Evra tells Larry Madowo

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FOOTBALL 'I’m not Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar but people feel connected to me' - Patrice Evra tells Larry Madowo

Abigael Wafula 16:43 - 20.12.2023

CNN correspondent Larry Madowo was star-struck after interviewing former Manchester United captain Patrice Evra.

CNN correspondent Larry Madowo got a rare chance to have a one-on-one interview with former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra and social media manager and songwriter Loren Gray at the international Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Madowo shared a clip of the interview on his X (Twitter), and was delighted to have shared the big stage with the former France national team captain.

An excited Madowo said: “Portugal was a movie! I now demand entrance music like this for all events I do Such an honor to be on the Web Summit main stage with superstars Patrice Evra and Loren to talk about how to create great content. We had a stadium for an audience and they didn't disappoint. This after all “the world’s biggest tech event.”

Meanwhile, during the interview, the Kenyan journalist asked Evra how he makes content that is relatable to the audience and he answered by saying: “It’s difficult to say because that’s why I always say I can’t answer to that.

"This is not what drives me…I think you just have to be yourself, be passionate about what you are doing, and discipline. I think discipline in life is very important.

"And do it, not for yourself, do it for the people, and trust me that will be amazing content and that’s what I’m doing.”

The former Juventus full-back also emphasized that people need to be authentic and not force themselves to be like others. He added that they should embrace being happy with whatever they are doing and practice selfishness sometimes.

Madowo also observed that the former footballer is now more famous than he was during his prime days as a player.

“I created a positive monster but the thing is people knew me as a player but now I put myself out there as an individual.

"I’m not Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Neymar but yes, I’m getting really famous because people feel connected to me now.

"I spread so many positive messages and they can see that I’m not fake and they didn’t know that person before. That’s why it has created that movement even some people just follow me and they don’t know I was playing football,” he added.

Meanwhile, Evra also lives by a phrase called 'I Love This Game'. Evra shares the passion sport shines through and also reveals the entertaining behind-the-scenes insights about the players and managers he has worked with, from Sir Alex Ferguson to Paul Pogba, who knows him as Uncle Pat.