I don't earn 40m! — Frenkie blasts Spanish press

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I don't earn 40m! — Frenkie blasts Spanish press

Faruq Ibrahim 22:12 - 21.02.2024

De Jong warns the press against rumours about his contract and reaffirms his desire to remain at Barcelona.

Frenkie de Jong has been at the centre of speculation regarding his future at FC Barcelona amidst rumours of a substantial contract and alleged discontent with how he's portrayed in the media. 

De Jong, however, has made his stance clear, expressing frustration over the inaccuracies spread about him and his contract situation, and emphasising his happiness and commitment to Barcelona, the club of his dreams.

Contract Talks and Commitment to Barcelona

De Jong directly addressed the rumours swirling around him, criticizing the falsehoods being reported. "It is irritating what people write about me. Many things come out that are not true," he stated, highlighting the discrepancy between reported earnings and reality.

 He mentioned that his commitment to Barcelona is unwavering, as he wishes to continue with the club for many years, dismissing talks of dissatisfaction and transfer rumours as mere "smoke" far removed from the truth.

According to reports, Barcelona are reportedly keen on renewing De Jong's contract, intending him to defer part of his salary to aid the club's financial stability, mirroring a broader strategy employed with other key players. 

Frenkie De Jong in action for Barcelona against Real Madrid
Frenkie De Jong in action for Barcelona against Real Madrid

Despite the financial intricacies, De Jong's focus remains on contributing to Barcelona's success, aiming to clinch titles and solidify his legacy within the team. “You are talking about my contract. There is a lot of smoke, that if I earn 40M... but this is very far from reality. I am very happy at Barça, it is the club of my dreams. I hope to continue here for many years,” he added. 

Clarity on the Future Amid Transfer Speculation

Despite interest from other top European clubs, notably Manchester United, De Jong has reaffirmed his desire to stay at Barcelona. He also wants the press to stop the rumours about him and everyone else. 

"I think what you have to change is what you are doing with many players and coaches, writing things that are not true. Sometimes I hear that I don't have Barça level. I think the press should change the lies about me", he said. 

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