Ex-Man United star Lingard in trouble as new Korean manager compares him to retirees

Jesse Lingard playing for FC Seoul | Imago

Ex-Man United star Lingard in trouble as new Korean manager compares him to retirees

Ayoola Kelechi 12:36 - 31.03.2024

Jesse Lingard’s sojourn to Korea has been disrupted by rough seas amidst continuous criticism from his new manager

FC Seoul manager Kim Ki-dong is not pleased with the performance of former Manchester United star Jesse Lingard, who recently joined the club. Gi-Dong's frustration with Lingard's contribution on the pitch has led to speculation about the player's future at the club.

FC Seoul manager slams Lingard

In a candid statement, Kim Gi-dong expressed his concerns about Lingard's dedication to the game. He was quoted as saying, "I've been thinking a lot about removing Jesse (Lingard). I don't think a player who doesn't run for a few minutes is a football player." These remarks shed light on Gi-Dong's dissatisfaction with Lingard's work rate and effort during matches.

Gi-Dong didn't mince words when comparing Lingard's performance to that of retired players. He questioned Lingard's commitment on the field, stating, "If he doesn't fight, and doesn't run better than the player who runs for 90 minutes? If you're going to play soccer in the name, shouldn't you just take the retired players?" These remarks highlight the manager's disappointment with Lingard's perceived lack of effort and passion for the game.

Lingard's Future at FC Seoul in doubt

With Gi-Dong's public criticism of Lingard's performance, speculation has arisen regarding the player's future at FC Seoul. Lingard, who joined the club with high expectations, now faces the challenge of proving his worth and regaining the manager's trust.

Former Man United and Nottingham Forest midfielder Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard's tenure at FC Seoul has hit a roadblock, with manager Kim Gi-dong expressing dissatisfaction with the player's performance. Lingard's commitment and work rate on the pitch have been called into question, raising doubts about his future at the club. As the situation unfolds, Lingard will need to demonstrate his determination and passion for the game to salvage his reputation and secure his place in the team.