Emmanuel Adebayor cautious his birthday has been jinxing Arsenal’s title chances in previous years

FOOTBALL Emmanuel Adebayor cautious his birthday has been jinxing Arsenal’s title chances in previous years

Mark Kinyanjui 13:27 - 27.01.2024

Adebayor shed light on why Arsenal always tend to collapse in the race for the title from mid-february, expressing caution his birthday could have something to do with it.

Former Arsenal, Manchester City, and Real Madrid striker Emmanuel Adebayor insists he will not make predictions on Arsenal’s chances of clinching the Premier League title race until after his birthday on 26th February.

Adebayor was part of the side that nearly won the title in the 2007/2008 season when Arsenal were playing flowing football and he also got to score 30 goals in all competitions, but blew their chances after a series of bad results in March and April.

Now, Adebayor seems to think that his birthday has always tended to jinx Arsenal’s chances of winning the title, which leaves him cautious this season.

”My (Arsenal) friends were telling me that they were going to win the league and I told them I will only know after my birthday which is on the 26th of February,” Adebayor told a battery of journalists at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

“That is when, I don’t know why things always collapse for Arsenal.

“We always start well. I played three and half seasons there, it was incredible, the best team I played for. 

“When we were playing from July to December, January, we were always in the top three and I don’t know what is always the problem.

“ As soon as we get to the end of January, beginning of February, everything just crumbles.

“ It’s difficult, we saw it again last season, Man City came in and won the league towards the end. “

Adebayor has now admitted that his indifferences to Arsenal are long gone after falling out with them in 2009 for allegedly being forced out of the team by Arsene Wenger, which prompted him to make a provocative celebration by knee-sliding infront of the fans after scoring against them in a 4-2 win.

“I can just wish them (Arsenal) luck, once a Gooner is always a Gooner. I had my moment with them, I had the moment where I was upset with them, but at the end of the day, it is life.

“I was living the moment and today I am out of Arsenal, I am out of football, I love every single team I played for because they have contributed to who I became today.”

Adebayor is grateful for his time at all the clubs he played for in the Premier League.

“Today, people can never talk to me about my career without talking about Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and even Crystal Palace. Remember we are Africans, I was there to represent the continent and I think I have done my best.”

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