Chelsea vs Brighton: 3 things Pochettino’s team should do to win the Seagulls

Chelsea vs Brighton Premier League game || Credit: Imago

Chelsea vs Brighton: 3 things Pochettino’s team should do to win the Seagulls

Stephen Oladehinde 09:44 - 03.12.2023

As Chelsea prepares to face Brighton & Hove Albion at Stamford Bridge on December 3, 2023, they find themselves in a crucial phase of the Premier League season. Coming off a mixed bag of results, including a defeat and a draw in their recent matches, Chelsea is under pressure to secure a win.

To achieve this, they must employ strategic tactics and leverage their key players effectively. Here are three essential steps Chelsea must take to clinch a victory against Brighton, considering the current form and available players for both teams.

Exploiting Brighton's Defensive Vulnerabilities

Brighton will be missing key players, including Lewis Dunk and Adam Webster, leading to a potentially weaker central defensive pairing. 

Chelsea should capitalize on this by pressuring Brighton's defence, particularly through dynamic attacking plays and utilizing speed on the wing

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino || Credit: imago
Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino || Credit: imago

Solidifying the Midfield

Chelsea's probable midfield trio of Conor Gallagher, Moises Caicedo, and Enzo Fernandez must control the game's tempo. Their roles will be crucial in both defence and attack. 

Gallagher's forward drifts and Fernandez's defensive mindset will be key in dominating the midfield and creating scoring opportunities

Maximizing Raheem Sterling's Impact

 As Chelsea's standout player this season, Sterling's performance will be critical. Despite not reaching his peak goalscoring levels, his ability to create chances and score could be decisive. 

His experience and skill set make him a potential game-changer against Brighton. With Nkunku possibly on the bench, Sterling's role becomes even more vital in leading the attack


Chelsea needs to exploit Brighton's defensive weaknesses, dominate the midfield, and maximize Sterling's attacking prowess to secure a win in this crucial match.