Chelsea star Thiago Silva drops retirement hint

Thiago Silva celebrates a goal for Chelsea. (Photo Credit: PL)

FOOTBALL Chelsea star Thiago Silva drops retirement hint

Mark Kinyanjui 14:05 - 18.11.2023

The Brazilian great has penned a letter to his younger self,  reminiscing how he declined to have surgery on his lungs that was to effectively end his career when he was just 21.

Chelsea star Thiago Silva has sent his past self an emotional letter as his future with the Blues becomes increasingly complicated.

 The 39-year-old has been a defensive stalwart at Stamford Bridge for the past three years after his free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain.

Silva signed a one-year contract extension with Chelsea last season, but is yet to sign another as his career looks like it is coming to an end, with just 10 months left till he turns 40.

"The end of my career is getting closer… it's not easy. You've to think about when you want to retire, where do you go as final club, the family, my kids play at Chelsea,” he said in an earlier interview with Sky Italy.

"I'm just focused on enjoying my final year of contract at Chelsea. I don't know what's going to happen next year but I'm very happy of my career."

As he sat down with Premier League Productions and spoke to his younger self, he reminisced how he survived life-threatening Tuberculosis in 2006, how he listened to his family and pushed forward to fight for silverware.

"Hi Thiago, it's Thiago. If I could give you one piece of advice today, do not let them touch your lungs or do the operation. 

“Because automatically by having that surgery, you will no longer be able to play football at the highest level.

"I would only say one thing: believe in God, have faith in him that everything will work out. I believe that you'll get through it like you always do. 

“I spent six months in Russia. It was one of the worst times of my life. I didn't know if I was going to play football again.

"I just had a dream but I didn't know for sure. I moved to Dynamo Moscow in Russia where during the pre-season I felt very ill and I had some tests.

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“It was confirmed that I had tuberculosis and that it was already very advanced so they decided to make me stay in the hospital for treatment.

"The doctors wanted to perform surgery on my lungs and I certainly wouldn't have played football again. My solicitor came to an agreement to make sure I left the hospital in Russia to finish my treatment in Portugal. 

“I stayed there for three more months, taking medicine, doing my daily walks. I had the chance to go to the specialist and he told me to remain calm, but that I'd be able to go back to playing football and achieving my dream again.

"Once you get past this difficult period, you will be victorious. Not only for fulfilling your dream of playing football but also winning all the titles you longed for and dreamed of.

“ You're going to have a coach that tells you to play in midfield, but you're going to be an excellent centre-back so don't listen! So no midfielder!

"You're going to get a nickname - 'The Monster' - not because you're ugly, but because you're good at what you do. This nickname will last throughout your career

“People will recognise you by that name. When you say 'Monster', people will think of you and I'm sure in the end you'll be proud of it.

"Thiago, the advice I can give is that you're a dreamer, you are a guy that fights for what you want. As a man who chases his goals, never change that! Keep it up and you'll have a victorious career."