Chelsea manager Pochettino opens up about relationship with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy


FOOTBALL Chelsea manager Pochettino opens up about relationship with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy

14:47 - 05.11.2023

Pochettino harbors respect for Levy and Spurs despite his sacking, embracing a new chapter as Chelsea's manager with professionalism.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has expressed amicable sentiments towards his former employer, Daniel Levy the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, despite their rocky past.

This comes three years after Pochettino's unceremonious exit from the North London club he once helped propel to the heights of English football.

Appointed by Chelsea in May following their underwhelming 12th place finish last season, Pochettino's focus is now on revitalizing the Blues.

However, he has not shied away from discussing his relationship with Levy, hinting at a professional cordiality that has endured beyond his tenure at Spurs.

"Very good, yes. We are very respectful, and he sent a text when I signed here (Chelsea), wishing the best to me and everyone," Pochettino recounted about his current rapport with Levy as per Supersport.

Their history is rich, having spent nearly six years side by side, a period marked by significant achievements and inevitable downturns.

"We are responsible for our relationship. We cannot now forget our relationship in a period which was very important in our careers and for the club," he added.

The Argentine's spell at Tottenham from 2014 to 2019 was transformative; he steered the club to become a constant presence in the Premier League's top four and led them to their first-ever Champions League final.

Despite the successes, his journey with Spurs ended abruptly when he was dismissed only half a year later.

While some Spurs fans have been critical of Levy, particularly over the club's trophy drought since 2008, Pochettino praised his former boss's contributions.

"You see Tottenham 20 years ago and now, how it changed, how it moved on and I think you need to recognise his job," he stated, calling Levy's work at the club "amazing".

Pochettino, once adored by the Tottenham faithful, now braces for a mixed reception as he prepares to face his old club with Chelsea on Monday.

He has chosen to take a stoic stance, ready to "accept" whatever welcome Spurs supporters have in store for him.

Currently, Chelsea is positioned 12th in the league after 10 games, trailing a Spurs side that sits comfortably in second place by 14 points — a gap Pochettino is eager to close.

His departure from Spurs, as he clarifies, was not a voluntary decision.

"I didn't decide to leave (Spurs). We parted ways because I was sacked," he elucidated, distinguishing the act from a mutual decision to part ways.