Chelsea, Burnley set to use Artificial Intelligence robot to sign players

Burnley and Chelsea managers Vincent Kompany and Mauricio Pochettino have fielded the youngest teams in 2023-24 (Imago)

Chelsea, Burnley set to use Artificial Intelligence robot to sign players

Ayoola Kelechi 17:12 - 20.01.2024

The two Premier League clubs are leading innovative measures to scout players with Artificial intelligence helping them

Chelsea Football Club is pioneering a new approach in the football transfer market by integrating AI technology. They've partnered with aiScout, an innovative app, to revolutionize their scouting process. 

This technology enables them to evaluate a vast pool of over 100,000 players each season. The app functions by allowing thousands of players to upload clips of themselves performing specific drills, which Chelsea and other clubs, like Burnley, can then assess, as per reports from Daily Star

Chelsea, Burnley on using AI method for transfers

This AI-driven method is not just about scouting a larger number of players but also about enhancing the quality of scouting. The traditional scouting process typically covers around 2,000 players per season, but with aiScout, the reach is significantly broader and the data collected is more extensive. 

Richard Felton-Thomas, the director of sports science at aiScout, highlights the significance of this technology in democratising the scouting process, as it leverages the widespread use of mobile phones among young people.

Despite the advancements in technology, the human element remains crucial. Scouts still need to evaluate players in person to assess intangibles such as how they handle adversity, interact with teammates, and respond to in-game situations. The AI tool is seen as an aid to scouts rather than a replacement.

Potential for AI in football after Chelsea and Burnley move

The potential of this technology extends beyond immediate talent identification. In the future, it's expected to play a role in predicting the development trajectory of players. With extensive data, clubs could make early predictions about whether a player is more likely to be the next big star or fit better in the lower leagues. 

Already, this app has shown success with two players, Jez Davies and Ben Greenwood, securing deals at Premier League clubs. Chelsea, along with Burnley, are leading the way in this innovative approach, and it's anticipated that more clubs will adopt similar strategies in the coming years.

This integration of AI into football scouting is a clear indication of how technology is starting to play a more significant role in sports management and strategy 

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