Anambra gets new Beach Soccer Board

Anambra gets new Beach Soccer Board

Hassan Abdulsalam 07:41 - 27.08.2023

The new Beach Soccer Board will develop the game in the state

In Anambra State, the recently established Beach Soccer Board has been formally inaugurated. Chukwudi Orizu serves as vice chairman, with Professor Victor Madubuko serving as chairman.

The board members recently took the oath of office in Awka, the state capital, under the direction of seasoned teacher Dr. Sunday Okai. They were reminded to put their passion first as they started their positions so that their commitment would pay off.

The team also consists of Honourable Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo, who will serve as secretary general, Kingsley Nwagba, who will oversee both coaching and technical direction, Okwudili A. Emmanuel, who will serve as media officer, Prisca Ogugua, who will serve as welfare officer, and Chukwuka Fidelis, who will serve as assistant coach.

Mr. Victor Kadiri, a representative of the Nigeria Beach Soccer League, gave the event's opening remarks and pledged assistance on behalf of the national organization. This assistance is intended to hasten the development of beach soccer throughout Nigeria, not just in Anambra.

The chairman, Prof. Victor Madubuko, expressed his trust in the board members by saying that they have the best team to accomplish outstanding exploits.

Their main objective is to grow beach soccer in Anambra State, with a concentration on female groups and schools in particular. He gave the assurance that they are determined to keep their word.

He also stressed that Anambra State's beach soccer scene is set for exciting growth and a beneficial impact on the community with this new board in place and their commitment to growing the sport.

The Nigeria Beach Soccer League, represented by Dr. Sunday Okai, delivered a thorough beach soccer seminar as part of their all-encompassing strategy. The purpose of this seminar was to instruct players, coaches, and referees in the fundamentals and advantages of beach soccer.