Francis Ngannou: Heavyweight king reveals the gifts Cristiano Ronaldo gave him including a $135k watch

Francis Ngannou reveals Cristiano Ronaldo gave him more than a $135,000 watch

Francis Ngannou: Heavyweight king reveals the gifts Cristiano Ronaldo gave him including a $135k watch

Tunde Young 15:07 - 11.12.2023

Francis Ngannou has been waxing lyrical in appreciation of Cristiano Ronaldo, revealing the Portuguese football legend gifted him more than just a watch in their first meeting in Saudi Arabia.

Francis Ngannou has opened up on his relationship with football icon Cristiano Ronaldo after their meeting in Saudi Arabia back in October.

The MMA star-turned-boxer met with Ronaldo before his heavyweight bout with world champion Tyson Fury and was gifted an expensive watch.

The Portuguese legend gifted Ngannou a $135,000 watch as a show of mutual respect and friendship but the Cameroonian fighter has now revealed that he got much more than that from their interaction.

Ngannou stated that his friendship with Ronaldo is more valuable than the expensive watch he was gifted by the Portuguese superstar who he has been a fan of.

Ngannou reveals Ronaldo gave him more than a watch

Ngannou was speaking to American broadcaster Shannon Sharpe on his podcast 'Club Shay Shay' where he revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo's friendship was more valuable than the wristwatch he gifted him.

"I think he gave me more than that, he gave me more than a watch," Ngannou said, acknowledging the impact the meeting with Ronaldo had on him.

“Gifts are not always what someone gives you. I think it’s the time, we were standing next to the pool and talking for 40 minutes at least,"  Ngannou continued.

The MMA star continued to wax lyrical about meeting Cristiano, "That was more than more than a watch. And the interaction. He was giving me advice."

Ngannou then took to his official account to post more pictures of the meeting with Ronaldo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

"He was giving me some advice. You look at that picture, seems like we have known each other for years. It was our first meeting. This is how genuine he was," he added.

Ngannou made history in his first professional boxing fight, taking on Tyson Fury in an epic bout in Saudi Arabia in October, losing on points to the British fighter.