George Foreman: Networth, Profile, Age, Wives, Children, Achievements, How Rich is He in 2024?

George Foreman

George Foreman: Networth, Profile, Age, Wives, Children, Achievements, How Rich is He in 2024?

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Retired boxer George Foreman won the heavyweight title twice, along with an Olympic gold medal. Here is all you need to know about the man now famously known for his George Foreman Grill.

George Foreman Profile 

George Foreman & Joe Frazier fight for the NABF heavyweight title in their rematch . Credit: X

Full name: George Edward Foreman

Birth date: January 10, 1949

Age: 75 years (as of June 2024)

Profession: Retired professional boxer, entrepreneur, minister, author

Weight: Heavyweight

Height: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)

Nationality: American 

Place of birth: Marshall, Texas

Marital Status: Married 

Spouses: Adrienne Calhoun (1971-1974), Cynthia Lewis (1977-c. 1979), Sharon Goodson (1981-1982), Andrea Skeete (1982-1985), and Mary Joan Martelly (1985-present)

Children: George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, George VI, Michi, Natalia, Leola, Georgetta, Freeda, Isabella, and Courtney

Net worth: $300 million

Who is George Foreman? 

George Foreman speaks to reporters in 1973 after his upset demolition of Joe Frazier in Kingston, Jamaica. Credit: X

George Foreman is a legendary American figure known for his great boxing career and the famous grilling business that carries his name.

Foreman, nicknamed "Big George," was a fearsome heavyweight boxer in the 1970s and is one of the greatest boxers of all time. He won Olympic gold in 1968 and became the world heavyweight champion in 1973 with a knockout of Joe Frazier. He famously lost the title to Muhammad Ali in the "Rumble in the Jungle" but made history in 1994 by regaining the championship at the age of 45, becoming the oldest heavyweight champ ever.

After retiring from boxing, Foreman became a successful entrepreneur, most famously endorsing the George Foreman Grill, a popular indoor grill that has sold millions worldwide.

Where is George Foreman from?

George Foreman. Credit: X

George Foreman was born in Marshall, Texas, in the United States. Although he grew up in Houston's tough Fifth Ward district, his birthplace remains Marshall, a small town located in the eastern part of Texas.

How old is George Foreman? (George Foreman age) 

George Foreman. Credit: X

George Foreman was born on January 10, 1949, making him 75 years old as of June 2024. George has achieved so much in his career, even becoming the oldest boxer to win a heavyweight title.

George Foreman Record 

George Foreman. Credit: X

George Foreman had a very successful boxing career, culminating in a final record of 76 wins and 5 losses. Out of his total wins, 68 came by knockout, while eight were by judge's decision. 

However, he was not invisible; he recorded five losses in his career, with just one being by knockout and four via decision. His first professional loss came against Muhammad Ali in the iconic Rumble in the Jungle in 1974.

George is particularly recognised for his incredible knockout power, with a whopping 84% of his wins coming by way of KO. 

When did George Foreman win the heavyweight title? 

George Foreman won his first world heavyweight title with a second-round knockout of then-undefeated Joe Frazier in 1973. However, after losing it to Ali and unsuccessfully getting another shot, he retired in 1977. 

After ten years in which he became an ordained Christian minister, George announced a comeback. Aged 45 in 1994, George won the unified WBA, IBF, and lineal heavyweight championship titles by knocking out 26-year-old Michael Moorer.

At 46 years and 169 days old, he is the oldest world heavyweight champion in history, the oldest to ever win the world heavyweight boxing championship of major honours, and the second-oldest in any weight class after Bernard Hopkins (at light heavyweight). 

When George Foreman Retired 

George Foreman

George Foreman retired from boxing twice. His first retirement came in 1977, after which he made a surprising comeback. However, he finally hung up the gloves for good in 1997, at the age of 48.

Why George Foreman Retired 

In 1997, after a loss, George Foreman decided to finally hang up his gloves for good. Age was definitely a factor, but he also likely craved more time for his family and business ventures.

George Foreman Grill 

George Foreman Grill
George Foreman with the George Foreman Grill. Credit: X

George Foreman ventured into business post-retirement but the most successful one associated to his name is “George Foreman Grill.” However, why he lends his name and image to the business, the boxer does not own the grill. Spectrum Brands, a large appliance company, currently owns the manufacturing rights.  Back in 1999, they acquired the rights from Salton Inc., who had originally struck a deal with Foreman to use his name for the grill.  So, Foreman gets a hefty endorsement deal, but Spectrum Brands calls the shots when it comes to the George Foreman Grill.

George Foreman Movie

There is a movie about boxing legend George Foreman titled "Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World". Released in 2023, it explains Foreman's journey from a rough childhood to Olympic gold and heavyweight champion. The film showcases his iconic fights, including the "Rumble in the Jungle" against Muhammad Ali, and his spiritual awakening that led him to become a minister. Facing financial struggles, Foreman makes a remarkable comeback to the ring at 45, reclaiming the heavyweight title and etching his name in boxing history as the oldest champion ever.

George Foreman Networth 

Former boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman has a whopping net worth estimated at around $300 million. His wealth comes from a combination of his successful boxing career and his business ventures. Most notably, the George Foreman Grill, which has sold over 100 million units worldwide, has raked in significant profits, and he has made at least $250 million, according to reports. 

Foreman also has other businesses, including a clothing line, books he authored, and a 2008 reality show called Family Foreman, which ran for a short period. 

George Foreman Wives 

George Foreman has been married five times. His current wife, Mary Joan Martelly, has been with him since 1985. They have five biological children together and have adopted two more.

Before Mary Joan, Foreman had four other marriages. Adrienne Calhoun, Foreman’s first wife, met on a blind date in 1970, and they married less than two years later before getting divorced in 1974.

Foreman married former Miss Black Teenage America Cynthia Lewis, in 1977, and the marriage lasted until 1979. He then married Sharon Goodson from 1981 to 1982, before marrying Andrea Skeetein in 1982, and divorcing her in 1985. 

George Foreman Kids

George Foreman has 12 children, five sons and seven daughters. Interestingly, all his sons share his full name, George Edward Foreman, with nicknames to differentiate them. There's George Jr., George III (Monk), George IV (Big Wheel), George V (Red), and George VI (Little Joey).

His daughters are a bit more spread out name-wise. Natalia and Leola are from his current marriage, while Freeda, Michi, and Georgetta are from previous relationships. He even expanded the family through adoption, welcoming Isabella in 2009 and Courtney in 2012. Sadly, his daughter Freeda, who even had a successful boxing career herself, passed away in 2019.